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Quantum 28 – Liam Neeson; The State of the Union; Donald Tusk; Immigrant Worth; Australian Weather; Kazakhstan; Disney Pride; Trans Liturgy; Ken Larter

This weeks Quantum covers Neeson, Trump, Tusk, Jess Phillips, Australian Drought and Floods, Kazakhstan, Disney Pride, Humberside Police, C of E Trans Liturgy and Ken Larter and the Jews!

Here are some of the links we used….

1) Liam Neeson – 

 2) Donald Trump – State of the Nation….  

 3) Brexiteers should go to Hell  – Tusk plus 

4) Whats’ an immigrant worth? – Jess Phillips…. 

 5) Australian Drought – and Floods – 

 6) Kazakhstan  – 

7) Disney Pride – 

8) C of E – Trans Baptisms 

 9) Ken Larter –

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  1. Pastor Robertson, enjoyed your podcast this morning. First time I have ever listened to a podcast, yours or anyone else’s. I may be hooked, it seems a good use of the time.

    My Dundee born wife and I live in Oklahoma and we have attended St. Peter’s many times over the years, dating back possibly to the late eighties We first came because of the history of Robert Murray McCheyne. We kept coming later on because of the welcoming atmosphere we found there. When visiting our kids in Scotland we now worship with them at the Free Church in St. Andrews.

    Agreeing with most of your comments this morning. Don’t be too hard on my President, he has done many things for believing people that past presidents only paid lip service to. You have to see beyond what the media hands us as news to see what he has really done. He did do a great job with the SOTU. I don’t usually watch. You are exactly right 98% of that event is posturing. It would be a different message with no TV.

    I’m glad of your comments on the LBGT, issue, have I got all the letters in there? I was disappointed to see on Twitter that the rainbow flag was flying at Edinburgh Castle to show the Army’s solidarity with the issue, and then the flag was run up at Dundee’s City Offices and then at Stirling Castle. And no one said anything except how wonderful it all was. I posted a comment then quickly deleted it as I observed the almost instant responses.

    I’m always reminded of what I’m told is an old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times.” We are there are we not?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. I have always understood the phrase “May you live in interesting times” to be an old Chinese curse, rather than a Chinese proverb.

    2. Lgbt people were not allowed to serve in the UK military until the early 2000s and even then life was made deliberately uncomfortable for LGBT service men and women.

      They are now trying to make clear that the military is a possible career for lgbt people, trying to reverse decades of prejudices.

  2. Alan Turing was a good Christian who helped save this country from the Nazis. He deserved better but at least he is in heaven now.

  3. WRT your comments on immigration and your approval of Jess Phillips’ remarks.

    (1) Jess Phillips has had an abortion and champions abortion. She thinks the male suicide epidemic is cause for laughter. She is an unapologetic misandrist and female supremacist, e.g. ‘Labour should ban all men from standing in by-elections, MP Jess Phillips says’ (2016). And she is only an MP courtesy of a Diversity-Hire Shortlist—she wouldn’t stand a chance on a level playing field. I can be accused of employing the ‘Poisoning the Well’ fallacy here—but some people are so utterly appalling that if one finds oneself on the same side as them on any issue, one needs to pause and reflect if one is on the right side; and if still convinced one’s stance is correct, one needs to distance oneself from those people.

    The only reason Jess Phillips favours low-skilled immigration is she knows that such people are those most inclined to vote Labour (or Democrat in the US), and keep her in her generously salaried and expensed job.

    (Also, why should a Church minister be deemed a ‘skilled’ worker? Had I the power, I would invite flocks of Russian Orthodox priests here to proselytise, but I would never list them as ‘skilled’ workers.)

    (2) WRT to your views on immigration.
    a) What sort of people emigrate from their country? Highly motivated? Above-average (of their country’s) IQ? Would you disagree with the contention that 3rd World immigrants to the West are amongst their countries of origin’s best, their countries’ most highly motivated, above their countries’ average IQs?
    b) Thus promoting low- (by Western standards) and medium-skilled immigration from the 3rd World only denudes 3rd World countries of their nations’ best—their most highly-motivated and intelligent, the very people who should be contributing to their own countries’ betterment; while simultaneously depressing wages and denying opportunities to our own people—and the most vulnerable, who can least compete on the labour market. The ONS recorded 1,386,000 unemployed in Sep–Nov 2018, 733,000 of them males 16 years old and over. Should not our first duty be to them? Our fellow Britons, some of them our neighbours and distant family?
    c) While those 3rd World immigrants to the West might be amongst their nations’ most highly motivated and intelligent (by the standards of their countries of origin), that one rarely (if ever) sees pictures of elderly or disabled 3rd World migrants suggest that many are leaving their elderly and disabled relatives behind—IOW, they are also amongst their nations’ most selfish and callous.

    The best way to help the 3rd World is to help them in their own countries.

    1. You are right – I don’t agree that someones views on other subjects automatically means that they should be discounted on the one we are discussing – after all I don’t think vegetarianism is wrong because Hitler was a vegetarian!

      Re immigration – you miss her point entirely. She is arguing that they are not low skilled….and yes I do think the job I do requires some skill! As does the job of nurses….and others she mentions.

      There are many different reasons for immigration – and many different people emigrate. Your analysis is superficial and simplistic. Your suggestion that immigrants are selfish and callous people who leave behind their elderly and disabled is crass. I suspect you would be one of the first to be shouting about it if they brought along their elderly and disabled! We should look after our own first!

      As for competing on the labour market and ‘providing for our own’. There were 5,000 Poles came to the Dundee area – almost all of them found jobs. Were they taking jobs away from willing local workers? I don’t think so.

      1. Obviously we share many behaviours—and sometimes opinions—even with the most evil of people; however, there is a difference between coincidentally sharing habits or opinions with an evil person, and willingly and enthusiastically associating oneself with an evil person as you do, describing that person—a child murderer—as ‘impressive’ no less.

        No, your job requires no skill whatsoever, just a decent memory; and you have no objective grounds to compare your chosen employment to that of, say, a builder, carpenter, doctor, architect or engineer; and it is the height of arrogance that you dare do so.

        You can ‘suspect’ my opinions all you like—that is the strawman fallacy; and logical fallacies are the hallmark of the dishonest—the propagandists and ideologues.

        So 5,000 aliens came to this country and found work—but magically took no jobs from locals. Apparently Dundee is a magical kingdom that has no unemployment but somehow prevents other Scots and Britons from availing themselves of these 5,000 employment opportunities. But wait! According to this, only 63.8% of Dundee people of working age are in either full- or part-time employment—yet you inform there were almost 5,000 job vacancies which somehow, magically, could not be filled by the 36,000 unemployed, or even any of the 1.3 million unemployed nationwide.

        Aye, right.

        There’s nothing virtuous about virtue-signalling—it just conceals the absence of virtue. That you have no loyalty to your own people, that you promote our replacement, says everything that needs be said about you. It is people like you that are the reason that Christianity is dying in this country.

        Enjoy your time on this Earth as you’ll find eternity is a long time in Hell where for your treason you are destined to suffer the torments of the lowest circle of Hell beside the original Judas.

      2. I think you’re done. Your post speaks volumes about yourself.

        Being a minister requires no skill whatsoever – just a decent memory? Coming to you soon – the Google minister!

        Who are these aliens? From Mars? Yes – it is quite astonishing that the Poles got jobs when there are so many in Dundee who are unemployed. It tells us a great deal. Not least your inability to get facts straight. You left out of your figures those who are disabled (or at least registered such) and students and carers. The fact is that these jobs were NOT filled by locals before the Poles came. Go figure!

        You not only seem to struggle with what a minister is (apparently just a memory machine) but also what Christianity is. In case you wondered we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who taught us to welcome the stranger, widow and orphan. He didn’t teach the Nazi version of Christianity which you seem to espouse – look after your own people you traitor or you will go to Hell!

  4. The £30k threshold on immigration will unfortunately tore many families apart. I had went through the process not long ago when my non-EU Spouse was applying for a spouse visa. At the time the threshold was £18,600 and as we married whilst I was in university, that was very difficult to meet. Miraculously God provided me with a placement year job just in time and I had the necessary income (with some savings) to meet that threshold. However, what bothered me at the time was that an EU citizen could bring in their non-EU Spouse with no income requirements. It is unfortunate to see that despite that the threshold applies across the board, I’m not sure what the Government is thinking in increasing that threshold by nearly twice the amount.

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