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Romans 10 – Guaranteed Salvation; Matthew 28 – Whats So Great About The Great Commission; A Gaelic Psalm…

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Because I am currently in Tarbert, Harris, the internet is not too good and I am not able to upload last weeks services – but if you follow this link you will be able to get the full services online or just the sermons.  In the morning we looked at Romans 10:5-13 “Salvation Guaranteed” and in the evening Sinclair began a mini series on “What’s so Great about the Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20).  The latter was a masterly overview of the foundation of Mission….You can get them here –


“ I know of nothing more dangerous than the attitude which says, it doesn’t matter what you believe , as long as you somehow believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You need not bother about the doctrine or the theology or the understanding of it all. As long as you feel something and you want to be a Christian and to live a good life and help others, then all is well’’ – Lloyd Jones

Last night Roger Simpson (the other speaker at the Harris conference) and his colleague Paul were astounded and moved to hear Gaelic psalm singing…it may be an acquired taste but I love it….here is a wee taste….


Have a great Lord’s Day…

John 1:12 (Bob Akroyd); Psalm 88 – The Darkness is My Closest Friend; Diversity Service, Unity and New Members



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