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John 1:12 (Bob Akroyd); Psalm 88 – The Darkness is My Closest Friend; Diversity Service, Unity and New Members

Last Sunday morning in a packed church Bob Akroyd from ETS preached on John1:12 – It’s all about Jesus.   We sang King of Kings/Majesty; My Jesus (Shout to the Lord); What a Friend We Have in Jesus (at C and W full speed!); Ps 119:25-32; and Jesus Paid it All.

In the evening we had communion and I preached on Psalm 88 – Darkness is my Greatest Friend.  It doesn’t sound as though it would be a joyful service – but it was – not least because we welcomed five new members.   We sang – Come O Fount, Ps 88:1-17 and 18; How Deep the Father’s Love and Grace.

“In lifes storms we encounter Gods waves and in our fears his terrors. That sovereignty which does not explain itself, which is brimful of infinite wisdom, love, power and justice, which is, therefore, far beyond our grasp and sight – that sovereignty is our pillow (Ps 86) when all is darkness” Motyer

Here is the Monday Message from last week:

Minister’s Monday Message

Once again it’s a joy to be able to say on a Monday – we had a good Lord’s Day! In fact for me it is more often than not the case that Sunday is the best day of the week. Yesterday it was a joy to have Bob Akroyd preaching for us in the morning on John 1:12, and then in the evening to have communion as we looked at the difficult but wonderfully helpful Psalm 88.

What struck me particularly yesterday was the wonderful diversity within the church.

I smiled when I saw this wonderful photo of the welcome team on Facebook….(from left to right: Sam, Esther, Annette, Jack and Kean Lee). As the caption said “Diversity in the body of Christ”!


Then in the evening we welcomed five new members – David and Sheena Meek, Collette Boland, Jean-Baptiste Ozan, and Jean-Noel Thauvin. There was a definite French theme!

Whilst the world often talks about diversity, the church practices it.

Meanwhile we give thanks for the discussion evening with Alistair McIntosh on Wednesday and the Scottish night on Friday – both were well attended. Thanks to all who helped – again teamwork is essential.

This coming Sunday we continue to look at Romans 10 in the morning “Guaranteed Salvation” (this would be a good time to invite a non-Christian friend) and in the evening I am excited that Sinclair is beginning a new three part series on Matthew 28:18-20 “What’s So Great About The Great Commission?”. See you then…have a great week as we prepare for the Lord’s Day!

The Four Verbs of Salvation (Romans 8:1-4); God’s Charge Against the Church (Jeremiah 2) – Worship from St Peters, 20th Jan 2019

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