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Quantum 26 – Zimbabwe; the Netherlands; Catholic Kids and Group Hate; Lady Gaga and Mike Pence; Tony’s Flypast; Parliamentary Prayer; Macedonia; Socialism in Australia; David Bowie and the Internet

This weeks Quantum covers the world – From Zimbabwe to the US and Australia.

  1. Zimbabwe –  David Coltart

2) The Netherlands –

3) American – Catholic Kids and Group Hate..

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4) Lady Gaga and Mike Pence

5) Tony and the Flypast.

6) Prayer in parliament – Sunday – John Lennox

7) Riots in Greece –

8) Socialist Utopia in Australia –

Bowie on the Internet – in 1999 –

“The potential of what the internet to society both good and bad is unimaginable….its an alien lifeform”

Quantum 25: Parliament and Brexit; Gillette and Toxic Masculinity; Cuomo and Abortion; Bishop Curry; John Finnis and Oxford students; LGBT Depression; Andy Murray


  1. A news story for next time, perhaps: I only just learned that Cardinal Pell was found guilty in his first trial for child abuse. Details online are scant because of a news blackout in Australia so as not to prejudice subsequent trials. He is the highest ranking Catholic clergyman to be convicted so far.

  2. Euthanasia in the Netherlands makes for chilling reading, but unfortunately where there is morality without God there is no barriers. The state of Virginia in the US. is considering a bill that would allow the killing of a child in the first hours after birth. The Netherlands already facilitates this. Since Roe Vs Wade where abortion on demand was passed that was the beginning of a trickle in the dam that has now become a breach of the entire dam letting everything through. With the Liberals, whatever is given is never enough. You can read the story in the link below. God forgive us all.

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