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Quantum 25: Parliament and Brexit; Gillette and Toxic Masculinity; Cuomo and Abortion; Bishop Curry; John Finnis and Oxford students; LGBT Depression; Andy Murray

Welcome to this weeks Quantum which you can listen to by clicking the link below…

We of course have to begin with Why is There Chaos in Parliament?  and then move on to The Best a Man Can Be?

There is an astonishing statement from the New York governor, Cuomo, concerning abortion    Then we return to our friend Bishop Curry who in the name of love is punishing Love.

Bishop Michael Curry’s Sermon – A Distorted Gospel Divides the Church

And in move worthy of Monty Python, Archbishop Justin Welby has just appointed as the Anglican representative to Rome, a prelate who does not believe in the resurrection!

If you want evidence of the dumbing down of our culture then the interview with the President of the Oxford Students Union (from 2:23) concerning John Finnis is a spectacular example…it’s without a doubt the worst interview I have heard in years.  Chilling.

Then we look at the amount of depression in the LGBT movement and ask the question – could the Scottish government give the Free Church £1 million to deal with Calvinist depression?  Or the Catholics Catholic depression?

We finish with the wonderful Andy Murray..

Quote of the week:  Listen to it at the end – from The Uncivil War – A Prophetic, Enlightening and Inspiring Play

“The system always wins – rebooting the system? The vision wasn’t flawed…its people that are flawed – the politicians – they did it crap they ruined it…there is a systems failure in this country and across the West…we are languishing..we are drifting without a vision or a purpose..what do you do when there is a systems failure? You reset…that’s all I did. What did they do? What did all of you do? You rebooted the same operating system. The same tired old politics of short termism and self serving small thinking bullshit. 

I’m as bad as the rest of them but that’s what the system does, the virus…it infects, but I was hoping, just praying that someone, anyone with the minimalist amount of (swearing) imagination or vision or aspiration could see that there was the opportunity for something to actually happen for someone to step in and do something to make a change….”

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  1. With regard to the Anglican rep in Rome, I first saw the story break on David Ould’s website last week. The really frightening part there is the ultra-liberal former Archbishop of Perth, Peter Carnley, responded on the comments section of the article and twisted Ould’s words to claim that he (Ould) was the unorthodox one! The Archbishop blatantly bore false witness…

    You can read the whole thing for yourself here:

  2. I’ve seen that the guy who has been appointed to Rome says that he does indeed believe in the resurrection. I think that this widely news story has been at least partially manufactured by the enemies of the CofE and its only basis in reality is to a sentence in a sermon from over a decade ago, which he is now saying is not what he meant!

    Im also not sure that lgbt people have been given a million pounds to deal with mental health issues. I think the government announced some time ago that they were going to address inequalities in society with respect to orientation because they were shocked by the results of a survey that they carried out. They don’t seem to actually have done anything they announced yet. Top of my list would be to ban the practice of conversion therapy.

    1. Again Peter – you really need to check your sources before posting your conspiracy theories. It is documented in the article that Rev Shepherd does not believe in the resurrection…it is Anglicans who are critiquing him. And if you listened to the interview that I was referring to you would realise that £1 million was given for those reasons… Why doesn’t it surprise me that you would want to ban conversion therapy?

      1. I have only seen headlines about the Rome appointment, but it does seem to me that he has been very clear that he does indeed believe in the resurrection.

        In my experience most of the people who hate the CofE are indeed disgruntled Anglicans.

        I think anyone who has looked into conversion therapy would be in favour of banning it. I hope you are too. Making people associate physical or mental pain with their sexuality does not change their orientation, it just hurts them. There is no known cure for being gay. The NHS knows these methods do not work because they practiced them themselves for several decades!

  3. I’ve been thinking, regarding Brexit, that maybe it really hasn’t been as much of a shambles as the media are making out. They love to exaggerate everything, winding us up into a frenzy with constant speculation and fear-mongering, and while feelings and opinions are strong and loud, the actual process of Brexit, through negotiations back and forth with the EU, and the parliamentary process, have been done according to the protocol laid out at the start (although I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong). As soon as I had read The Great Deception I realised things would be tough, and that the EU, if it wishes, could make things very difficult for us if we leave without doing so on its terms. And that’s exactly how it’s working out. We either need to grin, bear it and rebuild our United Kingdom under our own elected government or be dominated for ever by the EU machine, with absolutely no way of voting its government out and a new one in … or until Christ returns in His glory.

    1. No USE* for Britain?
      Will we be in or will we be out of what many of us have long regarded as the United States of Europe*? This acronym surely identifies what this bold experiment planned all along! Whatever the outcome it becomes clearer by the day that the USE is anything but united but has been imposed on all 28 countries by stealth. The powers that be, however, believed that the lies were justified in a desperate attempt to prevent another war or wars in Europe. They, of course, claim that it has succeeded in that aim and are again trying to sell it to the doubting nations in the hope of staving off mass exits from even its founding countries. As they fulminate against the UK and spread their fear here and throughout their shaky kingdom the monolith is primed for a fall. This is not just because of Brexit but for a multitude of reasons, not least its mountain of debt but also the widespread unrest, which is now leading rising numbers of economic and political commentators to pronounce its death knell. That it has not already collapsed is baffling these worldly-wise pundits big time. But bafflement, whilst looking only at the political and social issues illustrates the blindness of men to the only solution to Europe’s and the world’s mounting crises – the return of Jesus Christ and the fulfilling of every prophecy and promise from the God who is even now, I believe, about to show his verdict on those who are seeking to build a man-made Utopia, having shut him out of public life, both in the EU and in Britain.
      Is Isaiah 52:10 written for today? And what about the other 20 or so similar verses spread throughout God’s word, that we should be regarding, not joining with the world in political posturing as so many even church leaders and evangelical commentators are doing? The distraction is surely meant by God’s enemies to stay that way as they fail to proclaim God’s word as Isaiah and the faithful prophets did? So, let’s share this as a word for these days with anyone who is listening:
      “The LORD will bare His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, That all the ends of the earth may see The salvation of our God.”
      Whatever the outcome of our misguided negotiations with the Juncker junta it is God who will have the last word. Will he say no USE for Britain? I do not pretend to know if we will be in or out by March 29th. Whether we shall see by then or not, may it please him to open many eyes to the truth that we once followed, if somewhat imperfectly, that led this benighted land and the nations that heeded Magna Carta’s commitment to the laws of God to keep his light burning. Often dimly, but by his grace through an 804 year old, dusty document that is now in flames.
      Will it be Europe where the Anti-Christ will arise in the end-times revived Roman Empire? That alliance, of ten kings in Daniel’s vision, not 28, may not be far away and is one of the last signs the Bible tells us. Will Britain be one of the Ten? In or Out ? It is God who will decide!
      Surely time for us to look up, for our redemption draws near! Maranatha!

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