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Quantum 23 – Predictions for 2019

The first Quantum of the New Year is based on the predictions that I made earlier this week.  You can get all the links there.  Ten Predictions for 2019 – Confusion, China and Christ.



You can catch up on last weeks here – Quantum 22 – 2018 – End of Year Review



    1. Ok…..can’t find your email David.
      Are you aware of the new itunes Podcast Still Unbelievable? Justin Brierley just posted it on his Facebook page and will probably announce it on his next show. Have a listen and if you’d like to contact David Johnson the host…email me. I’m sure you have something worthwhile to say in regards to this new startup. Perhaps you’d like to be a guest? That might be do-able? No promises.

      Thanks for your time.

  1. Thanks for the pod casts David. Enjoying them very much.

    Your latest one brought to the fore a statement from my bible reading this morning from Revelation “[Jesus]…..the ruler of kings on earth.” Praise God 🙂

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