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The Greatest Doctrine (Romans 8:28); Proverbs 1 and “It is Well With My Soul”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones says that Romans 8:32 contains the highest doctrine that there is.  After preaching on it last Sunday I am inclined to agree.  It is a profound and beautiful teaching – that is absolutely life changing once you get it and believe it.  Many of us were deeply moved and assured by it. You can here the whole service here or just the sermon on the St Peters website.

Songs:     Light of the World; Romans 8:28-39; Ps 108:1-7;  It is Well with my Soul; Grace

Readings:     Acts 8:9-25 and Psalm 108

Sermon:   Romans 8:28 – The Good That God Works. 

“One of the paradoxical about the Christian. We can be certain about the ultimate even when we are most uncertain about the immediate‘.” (Lloyd Jones)

“And this is the paradox; that not only the sadness of the world, but also its joy contains extreme loss; but in the case of spiritual things it is exactly the reverse; not the joy only , but the sadness too contains a rich treasure of good things” (Chrysostom)

“For the man who fears God as he ought, and trusts in Him, gathers from the very root of pleasure, and has possession of the whole mountain of cheerfulness. And as a spark falling upon a wide ocean quickly disappears, so whatever events happen to the man who fears God, these, falling as it were upon an immense ocean of joy, are quenched and destroyed.” Chrysostom

Octavius Winslow “It is not essential to your salvation that you believe in election, but it is essential to your salvation that you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ”.

In the evening Sinclair continued his series on Proverbs.

Songs:    Praise my Soul the King of Heaven; O For a Closer Walk with God; Ps 119:9-16; You’re the Word of God the Father.

Reading:  2 Kings 20

Sermon:  Proverbs 1:20-33 –  Listen to the Lady


The Holy Spirit and Prayer (Romans 8); Sinclair on Proverbs – Praise and Preaching from St Peters


This is Baxter Park – I often go through it on my way to St Peters.


  1. We were very blessed by the Sunday services last week. Roy said he was particularly moved by John Ferguson’s intercessory prayer in the morning.

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