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What is the difference between first and twenty-first century evangelism in Europe?

This is a brief 3 min answer to a difficult question….hope it is helpful to stimulate thinking and evangelism….in the light of last weeks article – Does Jesus Dislike Evangelism?


How Can Christians Engage Non-Christians?


  1. David,
    the seven aspects of evangelism that we ought to be concerned about are grouped together in Acts 2:41-47. We should be aware that disagreements about some of these have hampered Evangelism but mutual understanding of one another’s positions will undoubtedly improve the quality of our evangelistic efforts.

    1. Baptism: the very early church were surely conscious that being baptised was like stepping into the Ark before the Flood or like walking towards the receding waters of the Red Sea with Moses. We all need to recover that sort of vision.
    2. Leadership: we need a teaching leadership that can ask the necessary question — e.g. ‘Do you understand what you are reading’ — and know the Book and the times well enough to deal with responses.
    3. Church: small or large, gathering together is the secret weapon of the Holy Spirit. We need fellowship and it is still the case that those who are convinced of the truth of the Gospel are convinced by all and not just by the people at the front.
    4. Communion: The simple unadorned breaking of bread proclaims the Gospel with great clarity and the repetition of the words of Jesus is safe to the hearer and no burden to the one who repeats them.
    5. Prayers: when we get our heads round the fact that our singing is mostly prayer then our evangelism will receive a huge boost.
    6. Readiness: having all things in common was necessary preparation for staying in Jerusalem and for the persecution that was coming. The major calls upon our cooperation might not include having a daily distribution to widows but readiness is a call both individually and corporately.
    7. Mission: going into the temple daily was going into all the world when the temple was a house of prayer for all nations. We still have a commission that should compel us to ‘gossip the Gospel’ wherever we are and take a stakeholder interest in wherever the Gospel goes.

    I don’t think any of that disagrees with anything you say in your presentation.


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