Persuasive Economics

Can we use economics to preach the Gospel?  Can the Bible be applied to economics….as someone who is not an economist or an expert – here is an attempt I made at FOCL in 2013 to answer those questions… (and not a mention of Brexit!)…includes an early mention of the Christianity (or not!) of Donald Trump!  This reminded me of a popular poster that Al … Continue reading Persuasive Economics

How does Good Theology Lead to Good Society, Law and Politics?

Modern society tends to be presented with two assumed opposites with regard to the relationship between Christianity and society.  On the one hand it is assumed that society should be secular and that religion should be at the level of a private club.  The alternative to this is assumed to be a kind of Christian theocracy where the church runs the State and pastors have … Continue reading How does Good Theology Lead to Good Society, Law and Politics?

Quench – Coffee Shop Evangelism

One of the key questions Christians need to ask – as we seek to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ – is where is the market place?  One of the things that we have found very helpful is what we call Quench – coffee shop evangelism.   Here is a talk on the subject  I gave at the Forum of Christian Leaders in Poland.   … Continue reading Quench – Coffee Shop Evangelism

Persuasive Debating

  In much of the Western World it is assumed that debating with people is somehow impolite, a refusal to respect their beliefs and an attempt to coerce people into faith. This session looks at how public debates in different formats can be excellent vehicles for communicating the Gospel and can bring people into contact with Jesus Christ for the first time.  This is a … Continue reading Persuasive Debating

Persuasive Ethics

Many non-Christians have ethics but are also frightened that we are seeking to impose our strict ethical system upon them, while at the same time being hypocrites ourselves. For that reason, many Christians tend to shy away from ethics when seeking to communicate the gospel. This session looks like we are avoiding the traps of morality and accusations of political power-seeking whilst we are still … Continue reading Persuasive Ethics

Persuasive Music

John Calvin argued that of all the gifts God has given us – music is the most powerful. Churches have spent a great deal of time discussing the role of music in public praise. However when we discuss the more general role of music in society, it is often in a condemnatory way. Is there such a thing as Christian music? What does secular music … Continue reading Persuasive Music