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* Clinton, Cameron, May, Sturgeon, Davidson *
* Gender Fluidity *
* Cranmer, Beeching, Ozanne *
* Grammer Schools & Chinese Classes *
* Scottish Education *
* Humanists sue over religious observance *
* 100th Anniversary of the tank *
* Donald A Henderson *

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BBC Radio Scotland:  Call Kaye – 7th September 2016



ArchbishopCranmer.com:  Good Disagreement: report fellow Christians to the police for daring to disagree


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Scottish Government:  The Scottish Attainment Challenge

Scottish Government Consultation:  Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: A Governance Review



HeraldScotland: Humanist Society Scotland launches legal bid to give Scottish pupils the right to opt out of religious observance in schools



BBC: WW1 tank takes over Trafalgar Square for 100th anniversary



New York Times: D.A. Henderson, Doctor Who Helped End Smallpox Scourge, Dies at 87



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  1. Gender Fluidity:

    Without delving into the why’s and wherefores, the girl interviewed, was very influenced as a 13/14 year old, at a confusing time of life, wanting to know where to fit in peer groups and who you are. It is a time of great vulnerability to influences outside the home, The girl did indeed come across as vulnerable and extremely suggestible.

    I thought it telling that the presenter was aware that what was said could be construed as choosing a label of identity and sought to steer clear.

    I went to one – a Grammar School. It had a catchment area of under age 11 schools within a radius of about 5 miles. It was flanked by two Secondary Modern Schools. Only the Grammar School had a Sixth Form for A Levels, and only the Grammar School pupils sat “O Levels”. CSE exams were taken by pupils from Secondary Modern Schools.

    Can’t ever remember being educationally “groomed” specifically to pass the 11 Plus, at Junior school as there was only one class who would all take the exam.

    The parental demography for the Grammar School pupils ranged from professional to working class, to unemployed. School friends were made mostly from interest groups and I didn’t see much, evidence of “class” distinction. We wore a uniform which was relaxed slightly for sixth formers.

    Some neighbours passed the 11 plus some didn’t, but we still played together. But it was the “baby boomer” generation, not so long after the end of WW2, when there was still a residue of some commonality in some areas of society.

    As for selection, in life I’ve been selected at times, and not selected at others. Life is all about selection. I knew some who were really bright at a young age and fell away, some who weren’t, but grew exponentially, some didn’t pass the 11 plus but achieved Master Degrees.

    To suggest that society can truly be a meritocracy is pie is the sky, takes no account of human nature and begs the question: what is a successful life? And humanity is not equal for all but invokes equity. There but for the grace of God go I.

    A life in Christ is unmeritorious selection, a life that exposes the “twin imposters” of success and failure.

  2. Haha princesses, gender balance nice one.

    With the anger you expressed at Kay Adams, I picked up on her apologising to the “gender fluid” person for any pronoun that she used that they were not comfortable with. I didn’t feel angry towards Kay Adam but I did feel sad on listening to her apologise. So, the gender fluidity being about how the person “feels.” as an impressionable teenager as a pride rally. We all were impressionable as teenagers and our identity was tied up in our peer group moor so then than in later life. So when I was a teenager in the Air Force it was about a right of passage, going form a boy to a man and part of how manly you were was about keeping up with drinking with other men and boasting about your sexual prowess. I drew the line when it came to my friends taking drugs knowing what the consequences were for that in the military and others being imprisoned and ending up with a dishonourable discharge. why I drew the line at that and others did, I don’t know. Maybe it was fear maybe it was choosing to do right, maybe it was because I was brought up with parents that encouraged me to think for myself. Maybe all, maybe none but it could just have easily been me in prison.

    So times change but what stays the same is being influenced by peers for good or bad. What has been the enemy to all generations if not to steal, kill and destroy? And what weapons does he have other than lies? what more convincing lie is there than one which leads you into thinking you are free but actually being controlled?

    It is a concern with reports about increasing suicidal thoughts in children and young adults. I hear what you say about Peter Tatchell talking of 49% contemplating suicide attributed to bullying and stigma about sexual orientation. I hear your question about what if state or being of homosexual is part of being that way. The why? What if there are other factors? Well it is true that if you or I, straight white mails were to comment as such then we would be accused of homophobia. So no point in than then. However, if a gay man were to say the “born that way” conclusion of Gay lobbyists is a lie and that there are as many who hold to that as to having been unhappy being gay before and are happy now with being straight, married, having a wife and children then it would be laughable and the worst kind of homophobia to say he is bigoted in that way. Milo Yiannopoulos had had something to say about this and I applaud his courage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgoyQevEhhQ If it is not homophobic for a gay man to say that then it is not homophobic for anyone else. Facts are not bigoted.

    If we could have civil conversations bout facts without accusations flying of discrimination in this, then we would be able to have conversations similarly about transgender and either transitioning by surgery or being transformed by the renewing of your mind. Has anyone objectively and indefatigably yet proven whether feeling the gender then you are not biologically is a symptom of gender dysphoria or mental illness? We would all be in a much better place if we could have these conversations.

    As for the grammar – I’m dyslexic as my comments frequently show, so what would I know haha.

    One last word – “some people will not see the kingdom until it comes in power.”

  3. Would it be possible, in future, to indicate where in the podcast each new item begins? For example, Gender Fluidity begins at 4.30. This would allow those of us who only want to listen to a particular item to find it quickly. It would also mean we could avoid the excruciating ‘music’! (One man’s meat…)

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