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Quantum 277 – The ARC Conference Special

This week’s Quantum is a special – we look at the recent big conference held in London – the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship – with contributions from Paul Marshall on capitalism; Niall Ferguson on democracy; Michael Schellenberger and Bjorn Lomberg on climate change;  Erica Komisar on raising children; Samuel Andreyev on music; Jordan Peterson on heaven and hell; Jonathan Pageau on the supreme Good; and Makoto Fujimura on art. With music from Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen; John Lennon; Mumford and Sons; Johnny Cash and Sovereign Grace

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  1. I am a huge admirer of Jordan Peterson. His discussions on Exodus brought many fresh insights. Jordan however still believes in evolution and talked of man reaching up to God. Os Guinness was excellent and always corrected him – it is God who reaches down to us.
    Jordan however has a much better grasp than most of us on loving your neighbour as yourself.
    Pray that his continued study of the Bible will open his eyes to a full understanding and saving faith.
    The sad thing is that if Jordan was to say he is a Christian he would instantly lose 90% of his followers.

    1. For JP God is a psychological reality rather than an objective reality. There is a good discussion between Peterson and John Lennox that is worth listening too. Peterson is not hostile to a real God but at present too enamoured by Jung and abstruse thought to be open to the faith which must enter as a little child.

      Os Guinness was very good in what he said.

      I don’t know hoe JP survives the emotional drainage of his encounters.

  2. Even from the brief excerpt you gave, Erica Komisar’s words hit home. Western society has been annihilated from within because we’re no longer allowed to say that some lifestyle choices and family configurations are more conducive to healthy minds and well-adjusted children than others. Everything has to be seen as equally valid and equally good. I’ve had fellow Christians (of the progressive sort) hound me for claiming that the nuclear family of mum, dad and 2 or 3 kids is the ideal.

    We would never allow a doctor to say that eating hamburgers and chips 3 meals a day is just as conducive to good health as a balanced diet with fruit and veg etc. Or to say that smoking 40 a day and watching TV endlessly is just as conducive to good health as going out running. So why do we do this to our children?

  3. I enjoyed the discussion that included Os Guinness. There is a good JP [podcast where he interviews John Lennox. Lennox was excellent. As good as I’ve heard him.

  4. Many fine and some wise words, and encouraging to see those who know and love the Lord given a platform. It also seems another example of attempting to build the kingdom without the King and if that is the case it is unlikely to succeed (Ps 127:1). The reversal of humanity’s spiritual decline, which is at the heart of all the issues debated, will only be achieved by God’s grace and the power of His Spirit and unless humanity humbly acknowledge and seek His help we will continue our current trajectory.

  5. The Labour Party in the UK (post WWII) fixed affordable housing, the NHS and pensions. GLBTQ+ issues may sometimes be a smokescreen erected by corporations, while ordinary people have their lives ruined…….

    ‘The too big to fail banks’ were cosy for financiers and politicians.

  6. Excellent contribution Adele. Perhaps the one thing the contributors have in common is an appreciation of 2 Timothy 4:3. Have our ears simply been tickled?

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