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The Sunday Catechism 22 – How did Christ, being God, become man?

Why is the virgin birth regarded as being so unbelievable? Why does it matter? The God/man is the answer….

The Sunday Catechism 21 – Who is the Redeemer of God’s Elect?



  1. It’s not a question of whether God could or could not make a virgin pregnant, of course he could, he is the creator of the universe. Rather it is was he faithful to his covenant promise to David that from his seed and line the Messiah would come.
    God preserved a blood line through Israel’s history to that end.
    Jesus has to be a descendant of David first and foremost and he accepted that title.

    1. You keep repeating the same mantra. Christ was from David’s line. He was also the Son of God. The virgin birth is clearly taught in Scripture – to deny it is to deny Christ. But you do that anyway. You deny that Jesus is God. That is a serious sin….

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