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Look with Luke – Interlude Part 2 – A new home….and a Saint goes Home…

As we have moved to a new home in Newcastle, we reflect on how much easier it is to go home to heaven, than it is on earth…

Look with Luke – Interlude and Some Personal News


  1. The going home to Heaven thought has an Agnostic / Atheist parallel .

    An American Classics Professor whom I knew reached the age of 86 and, a few months after his birthday, his beloved wife of 50 years died and he was diagnosed with fibrositic emphysema and also leukemia .

    He was the most rational of men , so decided to end his life at the place , time and in the manner of his choosing.

    One bullet and then the oblivion which he knew was the lot of all deceased humans.

    1. Except he didn’t know that. Just as you don’t. He believed it. And then he discovered there was not oblivion. The fool says in his heart there is no God.

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