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Look with Luke – Interlude and Some Personal News

Look with Luke will be taking a break until next Tuesday….this short video explains why….


Look with Luke 7 – Angelphobia. Joy and Gladness



  1. David,

    Having moved many times I know how stressful it is . Praying for you as you move and for the ministry which will follow. Much enjoying Look with Luke,
    Yigdal Yahweh.

  2. Thank you! Prayers for the move and new beginning…
    Will miss the background view from your balcony (and the trains :-)) but will look forward to the next chapter. God bless you.

  3. All the very best with your current house move, Davis and pray that it all goes smoothly…

    Look out for all the Geordies in Newcastle, of course..!

    All the very best with your new Ministry there …

  4. Morning David
    See you have my cycling jersey. Mine gets plenty of wear on the Clyde Coast and Argyll.
    I very much enjoy your talks, and as you settle into the new ministery, I would wish Gods blessing on you and your wife.
    Every blessing
    Your brother
    John C Little

  5. The Lord bless you and Annabelle as you move north. Praying for the Visa to come through and for the blessing of God upon your ministry. May the Holy Spirit move graciously and mightily to gather in many souls and build Christ’s church.
    Effie Alexander

  6. Dear David, I do hope you and your wife will be truly happy in your new home and church. I wish I could be a member of your congregation – they are very lucky and blessed to have you! God be with you always, Christine.

  7. David and Annabelle, May our glorious God uplift and encourage you both during the coming days; and I pray for your future ministry at Hamilton and for those that gather there as a church.

  8. David,
    Absolutely honoured to have you coming to / now living in Newcastle! I pray your visa can be worked through simply.
    Ministering at Hamilton Presbyterian will be noble work but I’d love to know if you’ll be doing events in the area for the wider Christian and even secular community? Are you focussing on youth/young adults or all ages? My oldest is 13 year old, and attends Macquarie College and we go to the church at that campus on a Saturday morning.
    I’ve been a big fan of yours since you were on Justin Brierley’s show. I’d love to be more involved with promoting Christianity in this town that needs it so badly. Not sure how to connect… can you get my email address off this comment?

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