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Quantum 269 – Branded – featuring Electric cars, Azerbaiijan, Fictosexuals, Book Burning, Roisin Murphy and Fiji

In this week’s Quantum we look at the trial by media of Russell Brand; Rishi Sunak’s change on net zero; Germany and Electric cars;  Fiji; Azerbaiijan amd Ngorno-Karabakh; Japanese Fictosexuals; NHS ‘diveristy and inclusion’ officers; Black Britain; Book removals in Canada; Cancelling Roisin; Astral Weeks; Ronaldo gets baptised; SEEK – Obeying the government; Brian Cox on the meaning of life; with music from Gary Numan; Ken Ishii;  Rosin Murphy; Dream Nails; Van Morrison; David Bowie and Fijian worship.

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  1. The best Christian ‘take’ I’ve seen on the Russell Brand shenanigans is by Glen Scrivener on his Speak Life Youtube channel. It’s well worth a few minutes of anybody’s time.

  2. The prime issue of NHS focusing on diversity is not in waiting lists. It is instead in the shift away from competence.

    Any society that abandons competence as the main criteria of employee selection heads towards disaster. NHS has done this by putting diversity ahead of competence.

    What they deny is the complexity of systems; that the developed systems that the NHS operate depend on competence to ensure the systems are maintained.

    We are entering a Yes Minister era where NHS hospitals will report an excess of unnecessary deaths – the result of malpractice – yet 100% fulfilment of diversity ratios.

  3. David, regards to Russell Brand, I agree entirely that a person is innocent until proven guilty. There has to be much more investigation into these claims of sexual assault before we know the truth. But to be honest, what really bothers me most is the fact that the BBC and other media platforms have even allowed a person like Russell Brand to become such a big celebrity in the first place! I have never watched Russell Brand or listened to his radio shows (neither do I want to), but the little I have heard recently on the news etc, I find extremely offensive and disturbing. Young people are easily influenced by TV and Radio personalities such as him and because his kind of show and language today is paraded, lauded and celebrated, it’s no wonder that goodness, truth and any morality has been undermined and even ridiculed. The Bible tells us to ‘rid ourselves of anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language from our lips’ – (Colossians 3:8). If only Russell Brand realised that he doesn’t need to be obscene to be famous!

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