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Coffee and Colossians 124 – And Finally

Colossians 4:18 – Paul signs off. With his hand in chains…! We finish this series on Colossians….Hope you have enjoyed it.

Also on the ASK podcast here 

Coffee and Colossians 123 – Archippus – the Minister’s Son


  1. Thank you David for coffee and Colossians. We are the poorer for not studying and loving and getting to know Christ better. May we, like Paul, say, Phil.3:10, That I may know Him …

  2. Thanks you for leading us through Colossians and giving us some of your keen insights along the way. May God guide and bless your pathway as you come nearer to Newcastle and ‘Scots Kirk’ there. Prayerfully in Christ.

  3. Thank you David for your Colossians series. You certainly opened up God’s word, and my wife and I were greatly encouraged by it. Looking forward to ‘Look with Luke’.

    Praying for your ministry in Newcastle.

  4. Thank you so much! I get up in the mornings and listen. It has been a joy! Cannot wait for Luke. My wife and I pray for you and your family daily. Praying for your move to Newcastle and your ministry there.

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