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Sunday Catechism 8 – How does God carry out His Eternal Purposes?

Sunday Catechism 8 – Looks at how God brings his plans to fruition – through creation and providence….in the light of this weeks news this seems very appropriate for us to grasp….

Sunday Catechism 7 – What are the Decrees of God?

Quantum 260 – Is it the End of the World – As we Know it?


  1. Thanks for this! It reminds us not to be anxious about a climate emergency.
    I’ve sent you a personal message on Messenger. I would be grateful if you would read it.

  2. There’s a twist here where the sovereignty of God is resisted, yet many Western people sign up to scientific determinism. It’s always possible to have lively debate with the scientific determinist or militant atheist. A much harder group are the nominal ‘believers’ attached to a ‘liberal’-and -‘inclusive Church.’ Are nominal Western Church members one of the hardest unreached people groups to connect with? The sovereignty of God offers reassurance when a Church is pruned, such as is happening across Anglicanism in the UK following the exposure of charismatic abusers. Even the sad departure of Mike Pilavachi is part of a divine plan.

    1. Hi Effie…..A few points.

      1) If you wish to engage in a constructive way with people don’t insult them.
      2) What do you have against bats?
      3) What do you want evidence for?
      4) What evidence would you accept?

      Feel free to respond…..

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