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Coffee and Colossians 61 – Logical Positivism and Christ

Colossians 2:8 – What is logical positivism? Why does it matter? And what is the Christian answer? With an incredible clip from A J Ayer where he admits his influential philosophy is false….


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Coffee and Colossians 60 – Relativism and Christ


  1. Thanks for your work, David. However, as my Dutch wife would point out to me, in the name Bavinck, accent is on the first syllable–Bah-vinck, in effect.

  2. Thank you David for this. Talking about ‘hollow and deceptive philosophy’, I came across a notice that I think my local council had displayed on a notice board in the park where I live. It reads ‘When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do’ – Rupaul. I didn’t know who ‘Rupaul’ was until I looked online. He is an American drag queen. This quote is clearly a lie and it’s wrong. I think what it’s saying is basically – just be whoever you imagine yourself to be, that’s more powerful than anything else. No, it’s not. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. Only through Him can we find who we are truly meant to be. Sadly, I doubt the local council will ever display a true and life giving quote from the Bible for people to read – only rubbish like this!

    My dear late Mum wrote a diary about her life and described in marvellous detail what it was like growing up in the terraced streets of Moss Side, Manchester in the 1930’s. When she was a little girl, she sometimes walked through Whitworth Park in Manchester and used to stop and look at a beautiful statue of Christ blessing the little children. I found some information about it online and was happy to also find some old postcards depicting the statue and sent for them. It was lovely to see what my Mum had written about. It was a sculpture by George Tinworth, erected in 1895. It was damaged during the second world war, removed and then apparently lost. But it had survived in the park many years without suffering any vandalism or damage by anyone. It was loved and revered. How times have changed – it’s very sad. But I realise that though the statue has gone, God’s word has not and that gives me hope and something to be truly thankful for.

  3. David, just an update on my last message. It was reported in a local paper that a pride flag with the words ‘Love is Love’ and rainbow bunting in the park where I live had been burnt and destroyed by someone. The Council were ‘horrified and disappointed as they feel they are an inclusive and accepting town’ However, the following day the flag and bunting was replaced and the Council ‘are proud that our support is, once again, plain to see’. When I read this, I thought how sad it was that people feel there is no other way to protest and have their point of view heard. But it seems that no other view about this will be tolerated.

    The report finished with a spokesperson for the Council saying ‘ following the vandalism of the pride display in the park, our park keeper was overjoyed to find that someone had been and put up some craftivism in the park showing inspirational quotes in support of Pride Month’.

    Here is one of those quotes fastened to a tree – ‘We’re the same beings that began, still living, in all of our fury and foulness and friction. Everyday odysseys. Dreams vs decisions. The stories are there if you listen’.

    All I can say is ‘ Lord, have mercy on us all and send out your light and your truth and please deliver us from the darkness and confusion’, Amen.

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