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Coffee and Colossians 62 – Communism and Christ

In this the last of our series on the philosophies of this world we look at one of the most enslaving – communism. With some help from The Red Flag and Jordan Peterson…


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Coffee and Colossians 61 – Logical Positivism and Christ


  1. c.f. Colossians 2:9-15

    All the powers lined up against us,
    now led captive in his train;
    all the writing that condemned us
    now wiped off the slate again.
    We were out of line and wandering;
    outlawed, unforgiven and lost.
    Jesus takes our map of trespass.
    Now he’s nailed it to the cross.

    All the time that we were wandering,
    we were wandering far from God:
    spirit-dead and alienated;
    out of mind and off the road.
    Made alive together with him,
    resurrection power has won!
    All that once held out against him
    now lies buried with God’s Son.

    Lately, we’re made new, a nation
    that excludes whatever’s wrong.
    all the praises, all the glories
    to God’s glorious Son, belong:
    all the fullness of the Godhead;
    all the powers beneath his feet;
    fully God and fully human.
    Now we stand in him, complete.

  2. Lots of evil groups lean to either extreme right or extreme left, but do some fuse confused elements of both. A friend directed me to this 7-8 mins film on You Tube: ‘A Cause Worth Living Jun Tzu’. The final sentence is interesting! Lots of groups promise-“unity”-but only Our Lord can deliver it!!!

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