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Coffee and Colossians 59 – Individualism and Christ.

Colossians 2:8 – The philosophy of individualism…what’s good and what’s bad about it? With help from some American teenagers watching Baseball, Hibs fans and Larry Siedentop!

Also available on the ASK podcast 

Coffee and Colossians 58 – Hedonism and Christ


  1. Collecting our wee grandson from school the other day, another parent was waiting beside me, talking on her phone. Her wee girl came running out of the classroom shouting “Mummy, ” She ignored her and went on talking. The look of hurt on the wee girl’s face brought a tear to my eye. You do well to warn about the unintentional damage we can do by being wrapped up in ourselves.
    I think my wee grandson was somewhat puzzled at the warmth of the welcome he got.

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