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Coffee and Colossians 58 – Hedonism and Christ

Colossians 2:8 – We look at the philosophy of hedonism and how real pleasure comes from Christ….

Also on the ASK podcast here – 

Coffee and Colossians 57 – Nihilism and Christ


  1. As ever, seasoned wisdom, shared so simply and helpfully. I looks as if the youngsters you mingled with knew the gold that you brought them.
    Only to add that what struck me was that the verse begins ‘let no-one take you captive’. The seduction of ‘human tradition and the basic principles of this world’ is perpetuated through the agency of people with their agendas. All of these folk with their oh-so-empathetic-reasonablenes, first on the list in our neck of the woods are the are the bishops of the Oxford diocese.

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