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Coffee and Colossians 57 – Nihilism and Christ

Colossians 2:8 – What is the philosophy of Nihilism? And what is the Christian answer? Dedicated to the teens of Orange, NSW – with a little help from MASH…

Also on the ASK Podcast here…

Coffee and Colossians 56 – The Philosophy that Liberates

This photo is the sun dispelling the mist at the Orange men’s weekend away…..May the philosophy of Christ dispel the confusion and mists of the philosophies of this world….


  1. This is a superb little talk , not just for the Orange Church youngsters, this old man benefited also . Our Minister is doing a study with us on Ecclesiastes and never fails to remind us of meaning and purpose of life in Christ . Thank you for your comments !

  2. One of the first Christians precepts to which I was exposed at my Scottish Sunday School was ‘ Love Thy Neighbour.”

    Of course , I had no historical or demographic context upon which to evaluate this noble notion until adulthood , at which point the scales fell from my eyes .

    Surely , Jesus did not mean ” love the occupying force of Roman soldiers in the Legionnaires’ nearby garrison ?”

    Given the fractious and disputatious nature of intra – ethnic Jewish relationships, it became clear to me that what Jesus meant was ” Love Thy Jewish Neighbour.”

    1. That is precisely what Jesus did not mean! And yes he did mean love the occupying force of Roman soldiers. That was what Christopher Hitchens found so incredible….love your enemies. It seems as though the scales have come over your eyes – rather than fallen from them!

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