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Coffee and Colossians 56 – The Philosophy that Liberates

Colossians 2:8 – Why does philosophy matter? What is the difference between the philosophy of Christ and all the philosophies of this world?

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Coffee and Colossians 55 – Overflowing with Thankfulness



  1. Thank you again David for wise words from Colossians. I’m finding them very helpful while going through a difficult patch.
    Understanding the times was the subject of my father’s moderator’s address back in the 1960s.
    Praying you will be given the health to carry on.

  2. Thanks! What you say here about the impact of RE, or exposure to the Church in schools, is fascinating. Lots of us rejected the strong Christian ethos of the secondary school I attended, and were thus very well informed atheists: at least temporarily! But ever so many of those reactionary and informed atheists have now shifted to following Jesus. I was sceptical when meeting one convert years back, and enjoying a coffee together in our old home town. Then I also defected! Who will be next? That’s the question in my mind about school chums from 35-40 years ago!

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