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Quantum 248 – Hate Speech and Misinformation

This weeks Quantumlooks at hate speech and misinformation – including Elon Musk and the BBC; The Australian Electoral Commission;  Harry Belafonte; Barry Humphries; U2; Dr Laura Favaro; Brendan O’Neill; India Willoughby; Dianne Abbott; Queensland prostitution; President Biden; Alice Cooper; Ukrainian Grain; Eco Toffs and Snooker; Kenyan Chess Cheater;  Murray Head; UK Emergency Signal; Larry Norman.

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  1. David, how did you get to ‘Don’t ask questions’ from that the AEC are saying? What assumptions did you bring to what they said and what exactly did you infer from what they said? Are the actual statements/words that the AEC used from which you drew those inferences? Are those inferences the only or most likely ones intended by the AEC given the context?

  2. Sorry, correction: ‘WHAT are the actual statements/words that the AEC used from which you drew those inferences?’

    1. David, just to clarify then since you are not answering my questions. Are you agreeing with the AEC that it is good to ask questions or are you saying that the Federal Government is saying ‘Don’t ask questions’? If it’s the first, great! If it’s the second, please show us your working!

      1. I know its a speciality for you but please don’t be so disingenuous. The AEC are not saying its good to ask questions – who could object to that? They are saying that disinformation is spread by people who ask questions that make you feel uncomfortable! In other words they only want questions which fit their narrative which is itself unquestionable. Anything outwith that narrative is considered extremist and disinformation…

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