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Coffee and Colossians 13 – Persistent Prayer

Colossians 1:9 – Why should we pray? Why do we need prayer? What do you need when you are discouraged..?

Coffee and Colossians – Love in the Spirit and its Opposite



  1. I look forward to your thoughts every day as you go word for word, verse by verse in a book of the Bible. You are a faithful servant of Christ. I will be praying for you. I hear you on Janet Parshall here in the Chicago area and know what you two talk about. I will pray for perseverance to finish your race well and for an extra dose of boldness whenever you irritate Satan. (Apparently a lot lately?)

  2. a work song suggested by Colossians 1:9-11; 24-28

    Christ in you, the hope of glory,
    earnest of the world to come.
    Tell the riches of this mystery
    where God wills to make it known.
    From the word of revelation
    in the day that it began
    till, extracted from the nations,
    stands complete and perfect Man.

    What a privilege to suffer
    and be running in the race
    for the victory that’s on offer;
    for the glory and the grace!
    Now the mystery of the ages
    like a flag at last unfurled
    waves above the devil’s rages
    on the Cross and in the world.

    In the work of God be fruitful;
    with the mind of Christ be filled;
    don’t for lesser purpose settle;
    strive to grasp what God has willed.
    In his knowledge be increasing,
    patient, till the joyful hour;
    praying always, without ceasing;
    strengthened with his glorious power.

  3. A work colleagues used to call me a ‘ happy clappy’…Eell we know it’s not like that all the time. When I was converted..I heard a song entitled “It ain’t no sin to get the blues” ….I loved it because the fact is when you’re down there you can really pray. The singer was Don Francisco ….worth a listen.

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