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Coffee and Colossians – Love in the Spirit and its Opposite

Colossians 1:8 – Paul reminds us that love is ‘in the Spirit’. And I give an example of its opposite and a quote from George Verwer’s revolution of love and balance.

Coffee and Colossians 11 – A Faithful Minister of Christ


  1. It’s hard to take when people cut you with cruel barbs. But we are encouraged to pray for such. My minister was preaching on the necessity of forgiveness, and so we should forgive as Christ forgave us, but surely when people put the dirk in they need to apologize. I’m like you I have found brothers and sisters in different denominations with whom I could gladly be in fellowship with. Why is that? It’s be cause the gospel is displayed in their manner. But equally I get irate when a passage is completely twisted and folks are being fed ‘stones’ for ‘bread’. I’m also very much aware that we are all still a ‘work in progress’ ….So much to learn…….Have mercy on me O God, I’m just a sinner saved by grace alone in Christ alone. Blessings on you and yours.

  2. David again you draw out the passage well. I was hoping you would share more about George Verwer. Maybe in your next weeflea? Having now retired as an OMer, I am privileged to work with GV here in Scotland for many years and have him in our house. He was a one off in the faith, millions have come to faith in Christ through him and OM workers. Blessings to you David in all you do for our Lord.

  3. Thank you David. I needed this message as I know I myself can be so critical of others sometimes and easily forget my own faults and failings. Too many people do that and claim to be Christian. I love Tim Keller by the way. He may not be perfect (who is?) but I do believe he’s a faithful man of God, who loves Jesus. I especially enjoyed listening to one of his sermons on you tube recently – The Healing of Forgiveness. It’s so good.

    I’m enjoying this series on Colossians and learning a lot – thank you.

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