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Coffee and Colossians 6 – Love for all God’s People

Ch 1 v.4 – The reputation of the Colossians was not just because of their faith in Christ – but also because of their love for all God’s people….

Coffee and Colossians 5 – Faith in Christ Jesus

God’s people worshipping on Good Friday in Naremburn


  1. Interesting! The cynical ill-treatment of people in churches has done untold harm. To commit time and money-then get roasted or badly treated-is not a pleasant experience. The sadistic and sarcastic abuse of adults may be quite commonplace in evangelical churches. A lot of recent work concerns ‘vulnerable adults or children’, but the wider protection of adults needs to be addressed. Western people are accustomed to one legacy of Christianity: human rights and freedoms. Yet, paradoxically, the Church is the one organisation where these rights and freedoms can be absent.

    1. Yes – there is a lot of harm done in churches – just as there is in families. But the church is not the ‘one organisation’ where those rights and freedoms can be absent – there are many others!

      1. When you look at 2022 Church of England reports into safeguarding failures, then it’s abundantly evident how poor practice is embedded at the highest level. Failure to keep records, triage complaints or communicate with victims, flags up a trail of wrecked lives. It’s hard to imagine any mainstream secular groups condoning or carrying on with such poor practice. It’s only x4 A4 sides but the short chapter by Ian Elliott in ‘Letters to a Broken Church’ is worthy of much more attention.

      2. You may be right about the C of E but that was not the point you were making. In your initial comment, you said it was only the church. Your imagination is somewhat lacking if you think it is hard to imagine any mainstream secular groups condoning or carrying on with such practice – I can think of many! None of which excuses churches which have behaved badly…

  2. Still a work in progress, I love the Lord Jesus and I love fellowshipping with the Lord’s people. When you come from a disfunctional family upbringing, it’s disappointing when that true expression of Christ’s love and faithfulness appears to be lacking . Praise the Lord that there are some whom you feel you could bear your heart with without the worry that gossip follows. But the Lord knows those who are his and beckons all of us to leave the old man/woman behind. To Jesus I repair, His ears are ever open and he will never lets us down. Hallelujah what a Saviour.

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