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Sydney Pride 6 – What is Marriage?

This is the video we did on marriage…particularly SSM….

You can get all the Sydney Pride videos on the ASK website here….

What Would Jesus Do? (about SSM)



  1. That was the understanding and the example of my parents . Thank you for that confirmation , but there was a distracting drumming and electronic background to your speaking. I found it difficult to concentrate on what you were saying , but I have to point out I have hearing difficulty which has resulted in the necessity of two aids. Sound seems to prevail in American documentaries . As to watching them , without subtitles, I am lost. Sorry , but I do enjoy your ministry !

  2. Great points. Could you do it without the background music though? It’s distracting at best and even obscures the odd word.

  3. Great assessment and full truth but seriousness of message was difficult to hear with the really irrelevant and too noisy background music 🎶
    Many Dundonian greetings!

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