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Coffee and Colossians 1 – Why Colossians?

We begin a new ‘coffee’ series – letting Paul’s letter to the Colossians speak to us today….first we ask why bother with Colossians?




  1. Excellent David – I have been missing the daily Bible studies over coffee!

    May our Lord continue to bless your devotion richly.

  2. This is so good that you are doing Colossians. I love this book and look forward to my morning coffees.
    Thank you again for all the you bring to us. It is so helpful. Every blessing and prayers to you and Annabell
    Effie Alexander

  3. Waahoo! You are back with coffee! I’ve missed our morning coffee sessions. Great intro, by the way. Is that a real coffee cup or is it photoshopped? And I really like the little WeeFlea card that pops up under the coffee cup. Cute, fun graphics! See you tomorrow!


  4. Great to be back with the coffee – thank you for making this space in your schedule. By the way, the (temporary?) disorder around you gives me hope that, one day, I’ll get my study space tidy . . . hmm. Only negative, I miss watching the trains in the background as you speak. Again: Thank you.

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