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The Kate Forbes Interview on BBC’s ‘The World Tonight

This morning I was deeply concerned, distressed and praying for Kate Forbes – when the phone rang.  It was the BBC asking if I would be willing to be interviewed.  This is the result…This video explains what is going on with the Kate Forbes situation and the witchhunt against her. There is much to learn and to be thankful for and wary of. The full interview with BBC is included. And some music from Simon Kennedy….

Kate Forbes: Would a Christian be permitted to lead Scotland? – CT




    1. Dear Kate I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I that you should stand up for believes I will stand up for you as you are the only person who stands up for your beliefs don’t let the rebels get in the way of your faith stand against the people of the devil James Beaton a loyal supporter of the SNP SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 for ever

  1. Dear mr robertson just wanted to say I thought you werent given the opportunity to explain fully your position on kate forbes. The interviewer failed. Those in power in scotland are corrupted in every sense of the word politically, financially and morally. It is a disgrace that she is criticised for her personal views. They will not affect any executive decisions which will be made collectively. The scots have been seduced by SNP conspiracy theorists and the sooner they are voted out the better. Thank you for everything you do.

  2. I’m a committed Christian
    I share my faith nearly every time I’m out
    I spoke to a trans man?
    A man transitioning to a woman

    I said do u target primary children he said no
    Good I said
    I asked do you target teenagers he said no
    I thought I can respect that man
    don’t understand why he’s decided he’s to b a woman.
    I shared my faith
    We parted friends, I thought!

    Two weeks later I’m in a police station facing possible charges, for threatening and abusive behaviour. Common sense says why two weeks later? If feeling so threatened why not that day phone call etc.
    Reason, police, when a trans complains and it’s obviously lies, don’t just jump, but say how high!
    I left the police station sickened, thinking what’s happened to my country and it’s police!
    Yes illiberal dogmatic and this inclusive farce is only if you agree with us. Don’t you dare live out your Christian Faith, don’t u dare say sin is sin, and no matter what you are into, you can be set free.
    That’s conversion therapy, yeah dumbo that’s what all Christian’s are, converts

    And look at Gillian Farrow
    CitizenGo leader arrested in her home on a Sunday afternoon by Surrey police about to serve her children their dinner. Lap tops confiscated all phones including her children’s phones!! Why, because a trans person complained! Children traumatised
    The world is anything goes except true Christianity.
    But God
    But God will build His church and He is,
    God bless you.
    Ps I’m enjoying praying fir Kate
    Thinking on David and Goliath as I pray

  3. I heard you on the radio last night. Well done. I did not know you were once the Moderater of the Free church. This young woman has showed great courage and the pressure on her must be tremendous. Even if she is not elected, I trust that what she has said will make an impact on those who hear her.

  4. Sadly, evangelical leaders have singularly failed to stand up in the public square to defend Kate Forbes from attack by the mob. Indeed it is my view that we are where we are, because over the years Scotland’s evangelical leaders (Yourself being the exception David) have been too afraid and self absorbed to even enter the public arena to defend their faith.

  5. I heard you lastnight on Radio 4. Well done. I’m shocked at what’s been done to Kate Forbes. A short time ago we were complaining about the disgrace of a PM who had no integrity and no respect for the truth. But when someone with integrity comes along, what happens?

  6. Dear David, thank you very much for posting and taking part in the interview, especially when you are not well. Interestingly when I was praying for Kate Forbes this morning (Wednesday – Scotland) I asked that someone from the media would contact you for an interview. What joy when I opened up the Wee Flea and found your post. I know a number who are praying for you and Kate, and I’m sure there are many more. We have not seen the end of the attacks on Kate – it may be that the enemy will overstep himself this time. Whatever happens we believe and know that the Lord God is Sovereign and is the One who raises up and puts down. Thanks be to God.
    We are also praying for our beloved Scotland.
    Every blessing and prayers, including Annabel
    Effie Alexander

  7. Well done David. Many are praying for you, Kate and other Christians in the spotlight who are prepared to be honest and stand up for what they believe where lip service is give to ‘equality’. There only seems to be equality for those who go with the liberal ‘woke’ agenda.
    Also praying you get well soon.

  8. I also note that the muslim man who is standing is in favour of same sex marriage and gender re assignment and was at no time challenged about that being at odds with being a muslim faith. they just accepted that he supports these things. She was challenged in every little detail. So it is OK for a muslim to approve of these things even though most muslims would not, but it is not Ok so say you oppose these things because you are a Christian.

    1. He has indeed been challenged on these issues. Forbes lost support because she said she would have voted against SSM. Yousaf said he missed the vote because he had an important engagement at the time.

      1. Keep up. He lied. He arranged a meeting with his civil servants in order to be able to say to his Muslim leaders that he abstained. GOvernment ministers at the time have said so. Yousaf has not sued them (he has a penchant for suing!)

  9. An alarming turn of events but yet no great surprise.
    Be anything you wish, believe anything you like, but don’t dare suggest even that you as a Christian, believe the teaching of God’s word and wish to live by it.
    Thank you D.R.

  10. Kate Forbes has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. She is faithful, courageous and honest. We need more like her.
    … those who honour me will I honour….
    David keep going….your problem is that you are too honest and people don’t like that unless it fits with their agenda!!
    Ken Moles
    N Ireland

  11. For the sake of Kate Forbes’ soul, I hope that she does not become the leader of the SNP. She knows that abortion is gravely evil but she is an MSP for a party which strongly supports abortion. That is bad enough. But surely it would be even worse to become the leader of that party. How she squares her “personal beliefs” with being happy to support precisely the opposite positions politically must be a very difficult thing to do. Some might argue that God would not be sympathetic to such inconsistency.
    Suppose someone said, “Personally I believe that murdering Jews is morally evil, but as leader of the Nazi Party I would support such a policy.” How would we react to such a stance? Would we condemn anybody who suggested that such a person was not suitable to lead the Nazi Party? Might we suggest that such a person was in the wrong party?
    (Some may take this as a defence of the media. If so, kindly show where that is stated.)
    Incidentally, if the Scottish Family Party had, say, 30 seats in the Scottish Parliament does anybody seriously think that anybody would suggest that her Christian beliefs made her unsuitable to be the leader of that party?

  12. Excellent interview, especially by David Robertson. We have been praying for Scotland for some time and will pray for Kate Forbes as the Lord leads. May she want the Lord’s approval more than the approval of men. He will honour her for the brave stand she is taking. May He strengthen her and use her so that ‘the people of the Book’ will yet return to their God.

  13. Thank you David for the way you presented yourself in that BBC interview, with grace and being forthright in standing on God’s Word. Is God’s wrath descending upon our Nation?!

    God’s providence will see through and Kate Forbes is conducting herself with integrity and confidence as she knows God will never leave her nor forsake her. Many believers praying for her, and your own good self.

  14. Praying for Kate Forbes, and yourself, to be protected by the blood of Jesus and for the truth to set us all free.

  15. Hello David

    Some people who claim to be Christians and do not support other Christians are only “Part Time Christians” and are not truly living a life that God wants us to live. You cannot say that you are a Christian and turn your back on another Christian who wants to make a better world for us to live in. If anyone turns their back on Kate Forbes they are turning their backs on God.
    “The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.


  16. David

    Hope you’ll soon be fully recovered from Covid, and well done for standing by Kate in this interview.

    This morning in the Murray M’Chene reading plan includes Job 23, where the last 5 verses are:

    13 But he is unchangeable; who can oppose him?
    He does what he desires.
    14 He will certainly accomplish what he has decreed for me,
    and he has many more things like these in mind.[g]
    15 Therefore I am terrified in his presence;
    when I consider this, I am afraid of him.
    16 God has made my heart faint;
    the Almighty has terrified me.
    17 Yet I am not destroyed[h] by the darkness,
    by the thick darkness that covers my face.

    This I took as my prayer for Kate and her family, whom I met at Word Alive in Prestatyn last year.

    I am also less quick to condemn a Christian for being part of the SNP, not least because I do not live in Scotland. I have just completed 25 years working in the European Parliament, an organisation of which many Christians do not approve. I am here because this is where God has called, led and planted me and it has been my vocation to witness to Christ here. I am therefore not eager to condemn someone who has been called to serve in other organisations/political parties/churches of which I may disapprove, yet who serve our Lord faithfully.

    We should all continue to support Kate and pray for her and her family as brothers and sisters, and we should all pray for those in political authority, even when they are wicked – this is the logic of what the Bible tells us to do, for instance in Romans 13

  17. I’ll posit a counter argument to Believers who are getting positively excite about prospect of Kate Forbes being next FM and will do all they can (including prayer) to boost her chances of entering Bute House. For any nationalist Christian Believers, who wish to exit UK and launch an independent Scotland, this enthusiasm for Forbes is understandable, because she is the outstanding candidate who may convert Don’t Knows & some wavering Unionists to support independence. However for Christians, who believe that the best place for Scotland is to remain in UK, it must be Humza Yusaf who is the next preferred FM. Ms Forbes, as next FM, is likely to turbo boost Scotland independence.

  18. Thank you for sharing this David.

    What comes to my mind is “blessed are you” – the word of Jesus when being hated because of him “for great is your reward in the kingdom” and a fact that there is no escaping from that persecution is part and parcel of following Jesus.

    So yes with an increase in secularism, it is no surprise that the prevailing religion in Scotland at the moment is the Orwellian ideology of diversion, inclusion and equality.

    Having been cancelled for the third time now, I had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Peterson who asked my what I did. I mentioned that I’d had the temerity to say that a BBC drama was not representative of diversity in society. With similar ironic humour hi response was “well, you should be hung drawn an quartered for that”.

    It helps to be reminded the judgement is coming an along with that truth and justice prevailing, so thank you for that. In the meantime, encouragement can be had in knowing that what the enemy intends for evil, God uses for good and can fully equip with the “armour of God” for good as a privilege in being part of that, yes, for Kate Forbes and for anyone else facing persecution knowing to treat all trials as God’s discipline which always is for good and produces harvest of righteousness for anyone who endures them!

  19. Dear All

    I have read through some of the above comments with sadness and weariness.
    Many of you are once again putting Independence at the head of your desires. This is not about who Scotland should be aligned with, it should what is God asking of us. When are we going to stop this and put ourselves solely in God’s hands that HIS will may be done?

    I pray for Kate Forbes but already I see her stepping aside, in part, in what she believes in order to pull back support. Let me remind you that as God’s people we cannot serve both God and man – when we fully serve God we will lead mankind into a freedom that is God given and not of mans making. It must be total obedience to Him at all times

    Scotland will never be free until we fall on our knees crying out in repentance for Him to move in this nation. I plead with you to stop making an idol of your nation and start putting Christ at the head. My dear brothers and sisters, you are fooling yourselves if you believe you can serve both.

    May our Holy God forgive us and heal our land.

    1. I am not in favour of her ideology, However as a believer in Christ, I want to encourage her. She shows courage, and I have sent her a letter to encourage her as many people will now have heard what she has said about Gospel Truth and they need to hear is.

  20. Well spoken on podcasts David – including hour long spectator interview. I am not for independence, however, I think Kate Forbes is its best shot. Independence is not going to happen through fine words and kingdom promises. Only if Scotland is seen to prosper economically and have a praiseworthy public sector and infrastructure will confidence in independence grow. Until then a united UK seems a much safer option.

  21. PS

    I’m amused at how Mairhi Black seems quite unwilling for Kate Forbes to impose her standards on her (Mairhi) but has no compunction about imposing her beliefs on Kate (and us). The lack of self awareness is breathtaking.

    1. that is how it is now. it is group think. You have to think what they think. Free Speech is a think of the past.

  22. I do think Kate should agree to answer faith questions only when Houmza Yousaf is brought in and asked the same questions.

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