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Quantum 237 – Whose Side Are You On?

In this weeks Quantum we ask why does the modern world treat everything as black and white and insist we have to be on one side or the other?    This week we look at this – including the earthquake in Turkey; the Church of England and SSM; Corruption in Ukraine;  the evidence for masks; Burt Bacharach; Covid Vaccines; Taylor Swift and Abortion; Bill Maher on Revolution; Sam Smith and the Highway to Hell;  the Right Side of History – with music from Antrim Mennonites; B J Thomas; Taylor Swift; the Beatles; Sam Smith; ACDC; and Equip

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  1. Hi David!

    Thanks for your podcasts. I’m an 82 year old ‘retyred’ pastor & missionary. Don’t always agree with you, but very much appreciate your loyalty to biblical truth in today’s western cultural chaos. Thanks for your courage re. all things ‘woke’. But I wish you sometimes would highlight those courageous people who speak up against this ideology, such as non Christian Rosie Duffield (Labour) & Christian Miriam Cates (Tory), who faced a barrage of abuse from men in parliament recently for speaking up on behalf of abused women & women only refuges, etc. At least Rishi Sunak was straightforward in saying that a woman is an adult female human in his interview with Piers Morgan recently!

  2. Reminded me of one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs, Desolation Row. (Everybody’s shouting, “Which side are you on?)

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