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Songs for Sunday 36 – Behold our God

This song from Sovereign Grace, based largely on Isaiah 40, is powerful and beautiful….this version sung by Dave Henderson and the St Peters congregation, especially so…a real hand raiser!\

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Songs for Sunday 35 – In Christ Alone

This photo is of a place where I go to behold our God!



  1. This is a lovely song, David. It was a favourite of my wife and I. My wife died in the covid lockdown, but when the church gathered again this was the first song that I sang and was very conscious that this song represented what she was doing, beholding our God and King.

  2. Thanks for this song David – I love it. Not sure whether you have heard the version produced by SMBC students some years ago – a great missionary version.
    If this link doesn’t work, just google it under Badminton Music.

  3. The phrase from Genesis 1 : 3 , “Let There Be Light”, is one from my Sunday School days ,so later in life I was amused to learn that , in 1831 , Pope Gregory XVI banned gas lighting in Papal States .

    The Church argued that God very clearly established the delineation between night and day , and putting lights up after sundown flew in the face of God’s law.

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