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Coffee and Revelation 73 – The Song of Moses and of the Lamb

Revelation 15:3-4 – There is an eternal kingdom and an eternal King. What is the song we shall sing in that kingdom and of that king. With ‘To God be the Glory’ from the Royal Albert Hall.

Also on YouTube here 

Coffee and Revelation 72 – The Wrath of God is Complete


  1. Hi David. I’ve just found out your are alive and well and in Australia!! We chatted briefly about your excellent reply to Dawkins book and were arranging my visit to your Dundee Church when you fell gravely ill. I then moved to Spain for almost 8 years until late 2020. Some friends in Fife put me onto your Wee flea site and I’m delighted to see the work you are doing. As you were. So am I now…gravely ill with long term progressive heart disease so I would ask you…to ask those who’s please to God on your behalf…to raise their voices on my mine. I am not much older than you David and still feel there is still much to do in my calling as a Watchman on the wall and activist against Abortion and all sorts of Child abuse. These tasks require strength of body and character and while the latter has grown in God’s grace the former has weakened greatly in recent months. Meanwhile. Although we never actually met…I feel a strong bond of purpose in the Spirit of truth and encourage you to keep up the God work until he comes for us individually or collectively when the sufferings will seem like an eternity in the past and only Joy and bliss is ahead for ever more.

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