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Quantum 214 – The Bigger Picture

This weeks Quantum   we try to see the bigger picture behind local stories – including Gorbachev; Russian Gas; Ukraine and the people;  Harrison Ford wants to rescue the planet;  Australian Nuclear;  Pakistan floods; Meghan Markle;  Women only University jobs;  Hillbilly Girl; Dan Andrews shuts out Parents;  Sex ‘work’ as a career?;  Inclusive Gardening; Healthy tea drinkers; Florence and the Machine; When Love Comes to Town – U2 and BB King.

It’s also good to see Quantum growing in audience…in the UK it is usually in the top ten Christian podcasts, and this week we made the Australian one!  Now all we’ve got to do is crack the US!


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  1. Love the podcast, always look forward to it… question this week, no comment on Matt Chandler situation in the US? I appreciate it’s not ‘Big Picture ’ but would like to hear your thoughts on the issue and the way he stepped down.

    Many thanks

  2. Christian lady to Bradford Pakistani : ” I will pray for your flood – hit people .”

    BP : ” No point , Allah only listens to Muslim prayers.”

    1. I was simply stating what Muslims are taught to believe , Bruce .

      Apologies if a truth caused offence.

      1. Alastair, the ‘truth’ here involves over 1300 people dying and 33 million people having to move. I think your ‘apologies’ ought to lie elsewhere. Compassion is not shown by trying to score cheap ‘theological’? or ‘political’ points.

  3. Meghan Markle is a disgusting narcissist, but unfortunately she’s the poster child for privileged Western women who want to identify as victims any time their feelings are hurt. Newsflash: there is nothing in 2022 holding Western women back except their own inadequacies. At no time or place in history have women had more rights or opportunities or discrimination in their favour.

  4. Thanks for the work that goes into the podcast – it is certainly helpful to be able to reflect on world events within a Christian worldview and to have the mind and heart challenged. It’s also widened my music horizon somewhat!!

    On the bigger picture idea, you mentioned about nuclear energy needing to be a part – perhaps a big part – of our energy supply going forward if we want to go the ‘net zero’ route. I’ve been wondering about the potential longer-term environmental impact of nuclear waste as opposed to CO2 and just wondered if you had come across any balanced articles/presentations on this subject that you could suggest as a start to my understanding?

    Many thanks

      1. Many thanks – just watched. Good to see a calm reasoned presentation from someone who obviously believes there is a climate issue but is willing to see beyond the usual hype. Food for thought and more research.

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