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Coffee and Revelation 65 – The Angel and the Eternal Gospel

Revelation 14:6-7 – We return to v.4 – who are those who do not defile themselves with women? Before looking at the ‘eternal Gospel’ proclaimed by the angel – which does not sound like good news at all!

Also on YouTube here – 

Coffee and Revelation 64 – The Heavenly Zion and the Pure People


  1. David, have just caught up with Coffe and Revelation Nos 63 to 65. I am languishing with sore knee and hip, but give Christ thanks for the eternal hope we have through Him, when there will be no more suffering.
    Thanks for sharing the ‘Good News’ in Revelation.

  2. David, this is a request on behalf of Anne Wyse, who is a fellow member of the Salvation Army in Glenrothes. She phoned to see how I was progressing and informed me that she had just listening to Revelation. Anne is slowly losing her sight and uses equipment to listen to audio books
    I mentioned your series ‘Coffee and Revelation ‘ and she was very keen to listen to the blog or the videos. Is there a way of getting back to the beginning?
    Sorry to trouble you, I can appreciate that you are very busy.

    Blessings to you and yours.
    Please and thanks

    1. No worries Steve – the best thing is to subscribe on YouTube and they will all come up. I think this link might work –

      The other way is to do it on Vimeo…..or to go to the first one on this website –

      You can then type in Coffee and Revelation in the search engine and you will get them all listed…

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