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Coffee and Revelation 37 – The Great Multitude

Revelation 7:9-10 – Do you ever get discouraged by the apparent smallness of the Church? John’s vision of heaven gives the answer…

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Coffee and Revelation 36 – The 144,000



  1. So, so encouraging! Thank you. I truly value these slow readings through Bible texts. Today had me chasing ‘who can stand?’ references.

    (PS. Frivolous comment: I rejoice in your panama hat there in the corner. You look so very respectable and the hat will (in fact) top it all. Blessings for today’s ministry)

  2. Thanks David for your words of encouragement, they are very much appreciated at this time.. Our Church of Scotland congregation numbered 18 last Sunday. The visiting minister the Sunday before delivered a 10 minute sermon. The reports we receive from Glasgow Presbytery suggest that they are incapable even of managing their own decline. Membership of the Church of Scotland is an increasingly lonely furrow to plough. I know God will resurrect something from the ashes of this once great institution, which has turned its back on Him. However, it is difficult not to feel discouraged at this time.

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