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Coffee and Revelation 29 – The White Horse

Revelation 6:1-2 – Who is on the White Horse? What does it mean? What does it have to say to us today….part 1 of a four parter on the four riders of the apocalypse!

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Coffee and Revelation 28 – The Lamb Who Is Worthy


  1. Thank you so much for today’s ministry. Now in the morning’s emails there was this from the Diocese of Oxford’s weekly letter:
    “The Diocese of Oxford has been awarded the A Rocha Bronze Eco Diocese status in recognition of its commitment to good environmental and ethical stewardship.

    As part of a six-point environmental strategy, the diocese has divested from fossil fuels, is equipping churches to reduce their environmental footprint, and is embedding creation care across mission and ministry practices.”

    There’s a promise added to the Confirmation service that those being confirmed commit to the renewal of the earth (!!!).

    One despairs – but what a brilliant reminder today of the Lord’s coming and his sovereign grace.

  2. Indeed the Lord Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Our hearts are restless until we submit to him. My father served as a soldier in WWII. He never spoke much about his experiences. Eventually he came to live with my wife and I. At this time I really got to know him a bit better and he would open up a bit more especially after a couple of drams. I once asked him, “Dad what happened to your campaign medals”….He said to me, ‘medals???.I never claimed them, war is a terrible thing why would you want to wear a medal for killing someone.”…..He was spot on,. My dad didn’t attend church much for various reasons, maybe he noticed a lot of the infighting. Whatever? He had a tough and disfunctional upbringing, and after his demob he found employment in the pits working at the coalface. He worked hard but played hard, his weekends were generally spent in the local miners club…. But he stuck by us when our mother took off with another man. There were faults on baith sides. But my dads own father deserted him and his mum when he was a toddler. There are so many things I’ve missed out. I became a Christian in 1984 my dad’s pals used to say to him .”what’s happened to your son?”
    His reply was, “ACH he’s away wi the hallelujahs”
    But my conversion was real and I’m still a work in progress. But one of the things the Lords has taught me is to turn the other cheek. This isn’t easy but it’s something you learn as the Holy Spirit grants you more and more wisdom. I do think it’s just to defend your family and friends. Prayer and talking things out is the right thing to do. Thanks again for your wee expositions Jesus is indeed my Prince of Peace. Blessings on you and yours.

  3. Christians are promised two things in life , viz., suffering and death.

    If they expect something more than that they are going to be disappointed.

    Matthew 10 : 38 provides a preview of endless terrestrial suffering .

    A hard sell indeed for the salvation peddlers and mystery mongers.

    1. You have such a sad and distorted view of Christianity and life. Jesus promises eternal life – not eternal death. But if you choose to be without him – that is precisely what you are choosing…

    2. Hey Alastair,

      Yes, what you say is true for Christians with being promised suffering and death. But then suffering and death is what everyone experiences. What Christ offers is eternal hope in the midst of that.

      And without such hope in the midst of inevitable suffering, what is there to prevent you from becoming bitter and resentful?

  4. Thanks David.

    As someone who served in the Royal Air Force in Gulf war 1, listening to you resonated powerfully with me. Yes I get the glamorisation of war and certainly as a kid I remember considering Douglas Bader, a spitfire pilot as being heroic and someone to emulate. So I don’t blame anyone for feeling that way. Propaganda can have that effect.

    At the same time, I wonder if our politicians had experienced war, would they be less enthusiastic to send people (mostly young men) to die while they sit back and enjoy the political ku dos from winning a war (even though in a war there are no winners). Not to mention the amount of money made by defence contracts from weapons and other manufacturers.

    On the other hand false prophets and priests that that say peace peace when people are wounded due to their own desire for gain.

    Do in order to have peace we must train for war. And I might be a little unusual in this but the rider on the white horse is a comfort to me. Symbolising justice, a soon to be end of wars and rumours of wars, engendering hope.

    Some people don’t like Jesus being portrayed as the lion and are quite happy to have the nice warm fuzzy feelings that we all like with him being the lamb. Lambs are cute, right? But without him being on the throne without him being the Lion, there is no administering of judgement and without that there is no fear of God, no justice, no release for the oppressed.

    We need Jesus to have fire in his belly not to always be portrayed as this “nice guy”.

      1. Well you always make me pause the video and make one myself before listening. Keep up the good work.

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