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Coffee and Revelation 28 – The Lamb Who Is Worthy

Revelation 5:11-14 – The Lamb is on the throne…the Lion is on the throne. What does that mean practically? Why does it result in singing? With a clip from Leonard Cohen’s ‘If it be your will”.

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Coffee and Revelation 27 – The Lamb who was Slain


  1. Yes, if he is not on the throne, he has no power and if his will is forced on humanity then humanity doesn’t have the freedom to choose not to do his will.

    With love there is no such coercion of forced will.

    Therefore although self-evidently evil exists God because he is good intends evil to come from good and because he sits on the throne is able to empower to that end.

    Therefore the degree to which any of us manifests good or evil is dependent to a large part on choice given that we are both created in the image of God and therefore good in our truest manifestation of ourselves and at the same time not without sin and therefore in need of Gods grace to cover that and the salvation Jesus offers for our redemption in the power, love and sound mind of the Spirit.

    Remembering of course the need to love deeply, with that covering a multitude of sins.

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