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Quantum 204 – O Brave New World!

In this weeks Quantum we look at how our politicians and progressives think they are building a Brave New World….and how that is going.   Including abortion, Joe Biden on conversion therapies; children indoctrinated; Ricky Gervais; a drag queen gardener; Tickle v. Grover; removing women from government publications in Scotland; Sharron Davies on trans and swimming; Peter Fitzsimmons v. Steve McAlpine; Kate Bush; Peter Tatchell on getting rid of family;  Australian politician complains about abusive teaching in primary schools; fertility and freezing eggs; Blinken and LGBT rights; Coal returns to Germany and powers Australian governments; Parkinson not acceptable;  Madam Butterfly;  Sadio Mane; Maverick, Lightyear and Operation Mincemeat; Dvorak.

Click on the links above for articles – and those below for videos used in this podcast…Note that Disney are banning all clips from Lightyear which show the gay kiss.

Quantum 203 – You Got Me Singing! – The Cohen Episode

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  1. If Peter Tatchell doesn’t want marriage or civil partnership, what does he want? A long-lasting, committed, monogamous relationship just under another name? Or is he into polyamory? Or is he happy with a promiscuous free-for-all?

      1. I wonder what it would take for the secular world to realise that God’s restrictions on sexual activity are actually a good thing. Frank Turek has suggested that sex is actually a god to many secular people and I am inclined to think he is correct. I don’t think the secular rage against the removal of Roe v Wade is really anything to do with women’s rights; I think it’s more to do with worship of sex via promiscuity no longer being consequence-free (in some US states, anyway)

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