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Coffee and Revelation 12 – The Face of Christ

Ch. 1 v. 16  – What does it mean to see the face of Christ? Why is it shining? With ‘The Blessing’ from Australia…


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Coffee and Revelation – How does God Speak to Us?



  1. “The shining face of Jesus”.

    Yes and in the context of preaching that you mention, it would be with authority unlike the teachers of the Law. But imagine if you will, not only when preaching from a pulpit. But also seeing in a congregation everyone shining their lights in obedience to Jesus.

    And then imagine in every second of every minute of every hour of every day all shining that same light wiht the love of God (eat your heart out John Lennon 😉 ).

  2. Thank you David for these mornings in Revelation and for today’s. What could be better than to look upon the face of Jesus and consider Him. So blessed also with The Blessing from Australia.
    The Lord bless you and Annabel and keep you.

  3. How many Aborigines are Christian these days ?

    It must be extremely difficult to inculcate a Jesus – venerating attitude in such people.

    In Malaysia , the majority Muslim Govt embarked on a program to convert the animist Aborigines to Islam .

    The Orang Asli , as the Aborigines are known in the Malay language , rather objected to their favourite menu item ( wild pig ) being declared off limits ( thank goodness Christians ignored Leviticus ) and, when their women were told to wear bras they were baffled.

    Anyway , had you remained in Dundee, I am sure the quantum of proximate sinners in Lochee would have been ” sufficient unto the day”.

    1. The majority of indigenous people in Australia are Christian today….they have the highest percentage of any group in the land. Once again you manage to speak with such authority – shame that its rubbish!

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