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Coffee and Revelation 13 – The Living One

Revelation 1:17-18 – Is our view of Christ more like a Sunday school picture book than the reality? When we see the real Christ how can we stand it? Jesus shows us why we need not be afraid….I go weak in the presence of such beauty!

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Coffee and Revelation 12 – The Face of Christ



  1. I always enjoy listening to you on Janet Parshall’s In the Marketplace. Thank you for standing firmly on scripture. God bless and keep you.

  2. I meant to contact you yesterday (Rev.12 – The Face of Christ. It reduced me to tears – I’m of an age when all kind of circumstances point to the fact that some time ahead I’ll hear Jesus’ word, “This day with Me in Paradise” – and at last see, full on the face of Jesus. What’s else to live for? 10th July I’m preaching on Phil.3:1 -17, ‘Pursuing Christ’, “I press on toward the goal . . . heavenward in Jesus Christ” v.14. We’re a very plural village church but with an evangelical (i.e. the Bible committed kind) vicar and a good core of such folk but . . . . I’d value prayer for that.

  3. Thanks! The simple message-‘Jesus is alive’-is refreshing. A criminal became a missionary after he turned his back on crime following a sudden conversion. He now loves simplicity and plain language in faith matters, even to the point of reacting the word ‘faith’. He far prefers ‘trust’ to faith. Is there a similar thing with ‘grace’. Is God’s ‘kindness’ a better term at times? Jesus is alive may sometimes beat a dictionary sized analysis of the resurrection evidences.

  4. Thank you, David, for your comments on our Lord Jesus. Two thoughts have struck me as I have got older. One is that, after the resurrection, the disciples rarely called Him “Jesus” but rather “Lord Jesus” etc. That is the picture we get here. Secondly, following on from that, we keep seeing the same thing in the book of Revelation: the heavenly beings and the saints fall down before Him. As we appreciate what He has done and is doing for us, we cannot but worship Him.

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