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Coffee and Revelation – How does God Speak to Us?

Revelation 1;16 – What are the seven shining stars and the double edged sword that comes out of Christ’s mouth? How does God speak to us today?


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Coffee and Revelation 10 – 1:15 – Bronze Feet and the Voice of Rushing Waters



  1. Absolutely spot-on David in all that you say about the institutionalised church and the way that it is distorting the word of God to suit its own world friendly apostate teachings. It amazes me that they still have the audacity to read from it in their services.

    I am enjoying this series on Revelation immensely, as I am sure many others are. Your ministry(and that of others who are not afraid to speak the truth) is crucial in these trying times where many Bible believing Christians are finding themselves more and more ‘out on a limb’; alienated from the church they know longer recognise nor care for anymore.

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