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Coffee and Revelation 10 – 1:15 – Bronze Feet and the Voice of Rushing Waters

Revelation 1: 15 – Why are Jesus’s feet described as bronze and his voice like rushing waters? With a version of Psalm 29 from the Psalms project.

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  1. And again – don’t apologise for these moments of verse by verse reading. I love it. I ‘did’ the text of Revelation for my MTh course such a privilege as my tutor, Alistair Campbell, led it one to one. However, as rich as that was I’m finding your reflections a blessing – not quite sure the bronze = iron + copper reading isn’t over pressing it but hey! Thank you so much.

    PS that house plant needs dead-heading unless you’re going to propagate the seeds.

  2. Thank you, David.
    This song by David Fellingham keeps coming to my mind as you speak to us. Verse two is particularly appropriate at the moment…

    At Your feet we fall, mighty risen Lord,
    as we come before Your throne to worship You.
    By Your Spirit’s power You now draw our hearts,
    and we hear Your voice in triumph ringing clear:
    ‘ I am He that liveth,
    that liveth and was dead.
    Behold I am alive
    for evermore.’

    There we see You stand, mighty risen Lord,
    clothed in garments pure and holy, shining bright;
    eyes of flashing fire, feet like burnished bronze,
    and the sound of many waters is Your voice,
    ‘I am He that liveth….

    Like the shining sun in its noon-day strength,
    we now see the glory of Your wondrous face:
    once that face was marred, but now You’re glorified;
    and Your words, like a two-edged sword have mighty power.
    ‘I am He that liveth….
    ©1983 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music

  3. Thank you enjoying our walk through Revelation. Also enjoyed the psalm 29 . I feel for you having to compete with such a lot of back ground noise.

  4. Stirring as always! The voice of God for the pro-life cause is as the sound of those many waters. Creation-Christ-Conscience scream out to us, if we only take our fingers out of our ears. Dating Scan; The Bible (Peter Barnes: ‘Open Your Mouth for the Dumb’); BBC Radio 4 (May 4) Woman’s Hour. The latter has a haunting 3 minute interview with Anne Robinson on her abortion regret. Every Blessing!

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