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Quantum 189 – The Binary One – Is Everything Black and White?

On this weeks Quantum  we look at the way that our society polarises on almost everything.  We look at South Korea, Australian Floods; the Endurance; John Bercow; Ukraine – including Stan Grant, Kamala Harris, Zelenskky, Russell Brand, Aris Rousinnos, Nicola Sturgeon, Anastasia, How Great Thou Art; Apologising for Witches; and Swan Lake…Including music from Stevie Wonder, GNA, the Carpenters, the Beatles, Russian Praise and Tchaikovsky.

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  1. Thank you once again David. I guess there’s a three-word phrase we’ll never hear a politician utter in public and it’s: ‘I don’t know’.

  2. Excellent as usual. For a balance on Ukraine worth watching the documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ by Oliver Stone and lecture by Professor John Mearsheimer ‘Why is Uraine the West’s fault’, both in YouTube.

  3. I think ‘How Great Thou Art’ might have been my wife’s favourite hymn. She loved seeing the mountains and lakes in the Alps. One year we drove up a road that took us to a car park about 6,000 feet above see level. When we got there the car park was very full. In the distance we saw a small chapel. They are very common in the Alps. As we got nearer to this chapel we could hear singing. It was two people singing ‘How Great Thou Art’. Not in English, of course, but we recognised the tune. She asked for the hymn to be sung at her funeral. And we also sang it at the interment of her ashes. Requiem Aeternam dona Ei, Domine et Lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in Pacem. Amen.

  4. Well said David. I feel we need to be “as cunning as serpents and as wise as doves” over the reporting of the Ukraine situation. The media has shown over the last 2 years that it is not to be trusted. The situation is complex – Ukraine is made up of several national identities and borders have changed in the last 100 years. The west is no longer made up of God fearing countries and cannot claim the moral high ground. May God protect the vulnerable.

  5. Hey David. Thanks for another great and thought provoking episode.
    Just for consideration- while you have many justified critiques of Nicola Sturgeon… this weeks jab may not be quite as fair. While her position on the No Fly Zone is not common, its also not unsupported. I was interested to hear the excellent Russell Moore interview one of his good friends and US Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger is no hard line Republican (he is anti-Trump and one of the few who voted to impeach Trump on the Jan 6 riots), yet he quite reasonably advocates for the necessity of the No Fly Zone. Here is the link if interested.

    1. I listened to it – thanks. But not impressed. I found it quite shallow and superficial. I’m afraid the world of the American neo-cons has been disastrous – and would continue to be. The fact that he is prepared to risk nuclear war is absurd. A no fly zone means war with Russia – and that likely means nuclear war. It’s the road to madness. To compare that with an accidental shelling of nuclear power plants does not make sense.

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