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Quantum 188 – War – What is it Good For? Politicians, Propaganda and People

This weeks Quantum

War – what is it good for? This week we take a deeper look at what is happening in Ukraine….how do we know what is happening?  War – what is it good for?   We look at the propaganda, Biden, Mike Russell, Joy Behar,  Anna McCord; It’s not about you; Gary Brooker; De Santis; Ngaire Woods; Transgender war – China; Melvin Tinker and Ukrainian Worship.

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  1. David, I believe you have again given misinformation about what Joe Biden said. Yes, it did involve a speech error, and granted I am a bit out of practice with phonetics but I am hearing not ‘Iranian’ but what could probably be spelled ‘Uranian’. So he dropped a plosive. Why the mocking?

    1. I have not misrepresented. It is the verbatim copy of the speech as printed in the NYT. Why the mocking? Its not mocking. Its’ despair that the leader of the West is such an imbecile.

  2. I see this war as possibly having some Biblical significance. Consider the following possibility.
    Ezekiel 11 God Will Restore Israel
    14 And the word of the Lord came to me: 15 “Son of man, your brethren, even your brethren, your fellow exiles, the whole house of Israel, all of them, are those of whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, ‘They have gone far from the Lord; to us this land is given for a possession.’ 16 Therefore say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: Though I removed them far off among the nations, and though I scattered them among the countries, yet I have been a sanctuary to them for a while in the countries where they have gone.

    God has given many Jews a sanctuary, including the President of Ukraine, a sanctuary in Ukraine, that enabled them to a degree to escape Nazi Germany.
    Later in Ezekiel 38 it speaks of a time of peace and safety when Jews have reassembled in their own land with unwalled villages, no military defences, because they have a security guarantee.

    In today’s world it is worth watching Turkey. Russia wants to make the Black Sea its home waters similar to China’s 9 dash line view of the South China Sea. Could Turkey seize this opportunity to make the Black Sea a Turkish zone by invading Crimea and the Caucasus to grab some Russian oil fields?
    It would be hailed as a saviour of Ukraine and gain worldwide approval, gain acceptance by Islamist regions in the Caucasus and if it moved up and west it could gain access to the Caspian Sea and fresh water for agriculture. It has advanced attack drones that are playing havoc with Russian ground forces.
    Unlike a feeble western world that is fearful of nuclear conflict because it has no awareness of God’s protection, Turkey has people who would see martyrdom in battle against infidels as a guarantee of paradise. Should a scenario such as this unfold it would create Turkey as the leader of militant Islam and it could demonstrate its benign influence by guaranteeing peace amongst Muslim nations for Israel and enable them to prosper and dismantle their military machine. This would then set up the conditions for the attack against Israel in Ezekiel 38-39 and the divine intervention that is so clear that a brief global gospel revival follows as people recognised that God had supernaturally saved Israel.

    This may prove pure speculation on my part but I am watching Turkey.

  3. I wonder if you have any thoughts about imprecatory and/or forgiving responses to Putin and attacking army.

  4. Hoping Biden remembers and picks the right target country, if nuclear weapons are ever needed!

  5. David, I appreciate you trying to take a nuanced approach to the war in the Ukraine, but I think you’re completely wrong on the whole taking sides part. It’s pretty clear at this point who the aggressor is and it’s Russia and Putin in particular. He invaded an independent neighboring state and it wasn’t because of the expansion of NATO. I’m sure it’s part of it, but it’s not the reason why. Putin invaded because he has glorious ambitions of Russian imperialism and he struck when he thought the time was right. He has mentioned this on numerous occasions and to think its because the big bad west moved further east is giving him the benefit of the doubt. We should absolutely take the side of the Ukrainians who are currently having their homes blown up. This is an easy choice. Nobody is saying we need to get involved militarily, but we should absolutely do all we can for them up to that point. You put John Mearsheimer up…I think you should listen to another point of view.

    1. If only it were that simple. I’m afraid its not so binary. Putin is wrong and wicked to do what he has done. But we (ie. NATO) have also invaded other countries. I listen to many different points of view – thats how I learn…

      1. How is it not that simple? Please tell me why the people of the world should not side with the Ukraine? And so what if the Ukraine wants to align itself with the west? When did Russia get to decide what Ukraine gets to do? It’s an independent state and their people don’t want to be ruled by foreign autocrat. We will end up agreeing to disagree on this, but the people of the Ukraine might not have such a freedom in the near future.

      2. Neither you nor I can speak for the people of the world! If you think it’s that simple let me ask this simple question – do you think the US would/should allow Cuba to have Russian missiles pointed at the US?

  6. Have you seen anything by Steve Cioccolanti of Discover Church in Melbourne? He has some helpful things to say about the situation and, like yourself, tries to understand the bigger picture. Does God still judge nations today? Is some of what is happening God’s judgement, not just of Ukraine? One point he makes which caused me to sit up was, ‘when God begins to judge a nation he starts by giving them foolish leaders’. Oh, oh. We do know from scripture that God has used wicked nations to judge other nation cf Habakkuk. How should we pray about it when we cannot trust what we see and hear? He has put stuff up on YouTube.

  7. I shared a comment which seems to have disappeared so, rather than try and remember all I wrote, I’ll just ask if you have seen or know of this pastor from Melbourne. He also tries to take a balanced approach. Steve Cioccolanti from Discover Church in Melbourne Why did God let Russia invade Ukraine? Sorry I can’t seem to copy the whole YouTube address with my iPad

    I found his perspective very helpful

    PS if you can find and read my previous post (I can’t) please just ignore this one

  8. Brilliant again David and so true. I find the mob mentality and media hype sickening! The propaganda and hysteria is of Soviet style proportions, yet we comfort ourselves that we are the “Good guys”. It just seems to be getting worse? Whether it’s black lives matter or covid, climate change, LGBTQ and now Russia; if you dare to question and try to see a different point of view, you are immediately a villain!! All this cancelling and boycotting and hating Russians is also very disturbing. Rather than everyone focusing on the actions of the government or their dictatorial leader, seems like every day Russians are being targeted as well? The F1 Russian driver has lost his contract and UK shops are pulling Russian vodka from the shelves; I wonder how we would react if the world had done this to us over the Iraq war?? I think we in the West are under His judgement also and maybe even harsher than what is happening elsewhere. We had better start repenting of our own sins last we reap the whirlwind? Also have to apologise to you David! Some time back I criticised you for sharing a post by Russel Brand. Over the covid madness, I have found myself watching and appreciating him frequently. The Lords return is near and ALL the signs are there and increasing. He should ultimately be the focus and His Kingdomw. The day in which we are about to enter is not the day of the devil or antichrist or darkness or great falling away; although it is all those things. We are about to entet the Day of the Lord

  9. Whatever is happening right now, presumably the long-term is for Russia not to be at war with the West. That being so, it seems incredibly unwise to demonise and “cancel” all of the Russian culture and people. The wokerati are going to have a very nasty awakening when they realise that their go-to tactics of shaming and cancelling will not work on Putin.

  10. I did quite the double take when I heard you describe Karen Swallow Prior as a “progressive evangelical theologian”! I have a little familiarity with her work and that’s not how I would describe her! She’s actually quite conservative which is probably key here. I think she has spent time pushing back against some of the less helpful ideas about what godly manliness looks like that you find in conservative Christian circles, essentially her own circles, which I suspect was the impetus behind the tweet. I found her writings around the ‘Pence rule’ controversy to be thoughtful and helpful. You seem to have taken a Spectator article description verbatim and they appear to have deduced their description from one or two tweets. I guess it just underlines your point about not taking everything at face value!

  11. David.
    You seriously believe that wearing a face mask is a waste of time? I and many of the experts would disagree with you.

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