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Coffee with Job 94 – Where do Human Rights Come From?

Job 31:13-23 – Where do human rights come from? Job shows us why justice and care for the poor is an integral part of Christianity…

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  1. The modern fixation with Human Rights may be seen as the residue of an obsolete religion , the mental detritus of which still lingers in the minds of intelligent men who no longer find themselves able to believe in the Supernatural.

  2. Brilliant thank you I so look forward to each days talk, so much truth it’s refreshing. Wishing you and yours a very blessed New Year.

      1. Human Rights : In UK / USA you are not allowed to criticize the following :

        Homosexuals , Women , Vaccines , Transsexuals , Blacks , Muslims , Abortion etc.

        In China a citizen can happily ignore confected Western opinion on all these subjects and criticize them all.

        Free speech is a myth in the Woke West.

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