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Coffee with Job 73 – Why Doesn’t God Act for the Poor?

Job 24:1-12 – Why doesn’t God act for the poor? Why doesn’t he judge now? Why do the poor suffer so much? With help from my son Andrew in Charleston Dundee we look at this question….

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Coffee with Job 72 – He Does Whatever He Pleases – God in the Wasteland


  1. UK abortion stats have caught my eye this Advent. With fewer-‘youthful emergency pregnancies’-, and a much higher over 30’s abortion rate, is poverty a great driver, maybe helping to account for one in four England and Wales children being aborted? ‘The silence of the Church on the slaughter of the lambs’ is how it has been described. Down and Dromore Diocesan facebook site (29-11-21 post) featured a Pro-Choice politician (The Justice Minister) giving a talk at a Mother’s Union service about gender violence. The 28-11-21 post was about Advent and light in the darkness. Does this read almost like something from Monty Python, Viz or Private Eye? Poverty drives a vast amount of evil and the pandemic is lifting a veil on this, as well as raising food and housing costs. Desperation results in desperate behaviour! Poverty is central to understanding evil.

  2. Praying for your son and the ministry the Lord Jesus has given him to bless the people in his town.

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