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Coffee with Job 74 – Rebelling Against the Light

Ch24:13-17 – God is light. Sin is rebellion against the light. That is the source of all our problems…what is the solution…the song at the end of this explains! Listen for Noel Richard’s ‘Great is the Darkness’….

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  1. Part of the problem is that many people do not realise that they live in darkness or perhaps more accurately in a twilight. In the Herald newspaper today Neil Mackay, for whom you have previously expressed admiration, illustrates this perfectly.
    He starts, of course, by reminding us he is not a Christian. However he says he believes in what he describes as the message of Christianity, “of trying very hard to love our fellow men or women.” The rest of his article is taken up by lamenting the lack love and kindness in our world.
    I would suggest he and many others, including many who unlike him claim to be Christians, inhabit this dark or twilight world.
    This secondary message of Christianity is often the only message that people hear and they are left with an empty shell of an existence which will never see the light.
    If they never hear, or prefer to ignore, the primary message to love the Lord God with their whole hearts and their whole minds then they are destined to inhabit this dark, or at best twilight, world with no hope of salvation.
    There is nothing darker than Christianity without Christ.

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