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Quantum 173 – O Church Arise – Wars, Drugs, Bombs, Terrorism, Covid, Environment, Paedophilia, Death, Church decline and The Good News!

In this weeks Quantum we look at the Liverpool Bomber; Russia and Ukraine; Iran’s Nuclear Bomb; Covid Authoritarianism; US Drugs; Are the BBC and Sky the PR department of Greenpeace? Scottish Government put period products in men’s toilets; Paedophilia defended in Virginia; FW de Klerk; Hymn singing at football and rugby matches; UK church decline; O Church Arise

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 O church, arise, and put your armor on; Hear the call of Christ our captain. For now the weak can say that they are strong In the strength that God has given.

With shield of faith and belt of truth, We’ll stand against the devil’s lies. An army bold, whose battle cry is love, Reaching out to those in darkness.

Our call to war, to love the captive soul, But to rage against the captor; And with the sword that makes the wounded whole, We will fight with faith and valor.

When faced with trials on every side, We know the outcome is secure. And Christ will have the prize for which He died: An inheritance of nations.

 Quantum 172 – A Hard Rain‘s Gonna Fall – China, the US, East Timor, Belarus, North Korea, the UK

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  1. If I may pick one of your panic – induced headlines , Paedophilia is a religious start.

    This is because , for centuries Canon Law deemed the age of 12 as being the marriageable age for girls.

    Christianity may seem immutable to its unquestioning adherents but , sadly , change does happen .

    Anyone care to revert to the good old days ? Well , it’s not a long historical journey because Spain only raised its age of consent as a requirement for EU membership.

    1. “Canon Law deemed” – the age we are discussing is puberty for girls and the beginning of womanhood. This is where you begin the journey into sharing in creation with God and nurturing and growing a new life. This is a natural point in life.

  2. Here’s a collection of Welsh hymns sung at a Gymanfa Ganu at the Royal Albert Hall in 1963, including Cwm Rhondda in Welsh (22.30).

  3. As an Englishman may I point out how stirring it is to hear the Scottish football fans sing “Flower of Scotland”. It may lack the theology of “Guide me o thou great Jehovah” but hearing a crowd sing it with passion is a thing of beauty. I am going to have to look out for the WBA fans.

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