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Quantum 172 – A Hard Rain‘s Gonna Fall – China, the US, East Timor, Belarus, North Korea, the UK

This weeks Quantum 

This week we look at Bryan Ferry – Cop26 – China/.USA – Reporting Climate Catastrophe – Indoctrinating ChildrenPink Floyd – Greta – Wind Kite Turbines – Jetting Elites – EthiopiaEast Timor – Belarus – North KoreaCovidVan Morrison – C S Lewis Film – AbbaCambridge Union Blacklist – Harvey Milk Warship – Bethel Church reverses Ageing – The Gypsy ChurchThe Atheist Hole – When I Survey with Haydyn Jones.


Catch up with Quantum here – Quantum 171 – He‘s Got the Whole World in His Hands – including Cleo, Cop26, Brandon, Terry and Jordan,

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  1. I would imagine the finer points of Glaswegian banter are probably not well understood by Greta, but I didn’t understand why she wanted to sing that particular chant. It sounds to me much more like something those against her views would chant.

    I don’t understand why a teenage girl who didn’t finish school, who has no tertiary education and has (as far as I know) never worked a day in her life or had any real responsibilities is taken seriously as an authority on anything.

  2. I just found an article on wokeness from earlier this year I think readers of this site will appreciate. Here is a short excerpt:

    “Increasingly, our schools, universities and media are being infected with this destructive and divisive new orthodoxy imported from the United States, where the story of race is entirely different.

    Many of these ideas were shaped by academic theories that first emerged in the 1960s. This was the time of the so-called ‘cultural turn’, when many Left-wing thinkers lost interest in the white working class because it showed little interest in their Marxist ‘revolution’.

    Instead, they turned to an alliance of ethnic minorities, immigrants and bohemian middle-class students, calling on them to ‘deconstruct’ the established ‘power structures’, languages, institutions and established ways of life of Western societies.

    These ideas have since collided with other theories in the field of ‘social justice’ to present an utterly different and warped vision of British society from the one that used to be promoted by the sensible Left.

    An obsession with class has been replaced by an obsession with the ‘trinity’ of sexuality, gender and racial equality.


    Meanwhile, we appear to have lost interest in the broad and unifying stories that used to hold the British people together, such as our shared citizenship, pride in our history and strong feelings of national identity.”

  3. You commented on this podcast that Sweden was doing the best with covid, but when I looked up Sweden, all I came across was articles condemning them. Can you please point me to the sources you found that says they are doing well? Thanks!

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